Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos Have A Serious ‘Sex/Life’

If you didn’t already see Sex/Life season one then this might come with some spoilers but if you’re feeling risky,

If you didn’t already see Sex/Life season one then this might come with some spoilers but if you’re feeling risky, keep reading.

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, who play the role of [lovers] Billie Connelly and Brad Simon, are leaning into their characters with the help of their real-life romance. Casey Hudecki, the intimacy coordinator for Sex/Life, shared, “I think with Adam and Sarah, they feel safe together and they’re very comfortable with each other,” “I think in their scenes, they’re free to have a lot more fun and play with each other.”

Season 2 As A Couple

No, that is not us revealing that Billie and Brad become an item in the new season. However, they are one in real/life and Hudecki made sure to protect that when going about their sex scenes in the show.

“My task early on in the season was No. 1, to check in with them and go, ‘OK, so you’re together this season, how can I help you feel safe?’” she recalled. “’ How can I help you protect your relationship as your characters go off and have other relationships? How can I help the actors who are … being their scene partners to feel safe and to feel free even though they know that, you know, Adam and Sarah [are] together?’ So there’s a lot of talking.”

However, she did reveal that the two don’t have as many intimate scenes in season two of Sex/Life as they did in season one (we tell you with a frown.)

“They’re a delight,” Hudecki told Us of the real-life couple. “We didn’t get to do very much with the two of them this season. So every time we did it was very easy.”

She added, “They were like, ‘Yep, we know this, we know that we know this.’ We had a very nice shorthand.”

‘Sex/Life’ Into Real/Life

Demos and Shahi’s Sex/Life characters had a steamy romance that kept our eyes nearly glued to our screens. And, if you didn’t already know, the life of their characters managed to mirror their real life selves.

Shahi was married to actor Steve Howy for 11 years when she filed for divorce (just shortly after getting intimate on screen with Demos.)

Shahie and the Shameless star tied the knot in 2009 and had three kids together. In 2016 Howy gave his honest experience with becoming a parents and trying to keep your marriage alive.

He told PEOPLE, “It can be overwhelming.”

“But Sarah and I work really hard now to schedule workout time together. Or we’ll run to the kitchen and do a tequila shot really fast — just do something together. Then it’s right back into the playroom or changing a diaper.” 

He has also compared his character in Shamless with his real life. “I helped the storyline with Kev because of my own experience. My wife and I were like any other couple. All of our time was for each other. We would go on vacation, we’d have ice cream, we’d go to a movie, we’d do whatever we wanted to do. And then when we had the kids, it was really tough, all of that went away,” Howy revealed in an 2016 interview with Talk Nerdy to Us

In that same interview he explained, “And also, we’re both working actors, so we were very tired, and when we’d come back, if there was any energy left it was for the kids, and not for each other. So we experienced that, I mean it almost broke us up.”

“We didn’t really understand why, we just weren’t liking each other and we realised that things weren’t the same and it was really messed up. Because it was hard and we weren’t used to it,” said Howy.

Sex.Life favorites, Shahi and Demos. began dating in 2020 and became “Instagram Official” in January 2021.

They continue to be very candid about their love for one another on social media. It’s truly like watching your favorite characters in a series become a reality. (Cece and Scmidt anybody?)