‘Not Famous Enough’- Chrisley Family Rep Tells All On Savannah’s Drama With Dress Designer Michael Costello

Yesterday, we noticed that Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley– who constantly promotes body positivity and female empowerment- had taken

Savannah Chrisley

Yesterday, we noticed that Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley– who constantly promotes body positivity and female empowerment- had taken to her Instagram to share the following: 

“Y’all… Designer Michael Costello is currently bashing @kyliejenner for not giving credit to certain designers. And then @lalakent came forward saying Michael refused to dress her because she wasn’t “famous enough.” And HE DID THE SAME THING TO ME FOR AN NBC EVENT!! Wouldn’t dress me because I just wasn’t famous enough for him. It’s truly so sad. But then @waltercollection dressed me in this gorgeous design and made me feel so much better!! .”

Seeing as it is completely out of the norm for Chrisley to have beef with anyone, we reached out exclusively to a Chrisley family representative to get the specifics of exactly what happened with Chrisley and Costello. 

The Dress Drama Started WIth Kylie… 

Kylie had taken to her Instagram to post a photo that she captioned “thank you my love @olivier_rousteing for the most perfect bday dress.” 

This led dress designer Costello to comment “Thank you Oliver for the perfect bday dress. And thank you to the no name designers who work tirelessly around the clock on custom looks who she won’t tag, mention or @… unless it’s paid. And thank you to the glam team who always gets tagged no matter what.”

“This post has nothing to do with me as Kylie only wear something from me once a year and I’m lucky if I get a decent pic to post,” Costello continued. “No shade to any of her team who styles her and no shame to the glam team. Even though we know you can not wait to unfollow me and drag me for filth!”

“But,” Costello added, “it’s sad that designers work so so so so hard on these opportunities to dress these gorgeous popular women and they only tag the major high end designers like Oliver but forget about the other ones. This has nothing to do with my brand but it definitely has a lot to dow with the LA designers. Why not tag at least one? Not all the time but maybe once in a while.”

Kylie Jenner

Chrisley Is Just “Not Famous Enough”

We spoke exclusively to a Chrisley family representative after Savannah’s initial post  in reaction to what Costello had posted about Jenner. 

“I think the Chrisley’s were in maybe the second or third season of their show,” their representative began with explaining to CELEB. “It was back in 2014. And Savannah had reached out to Michael in hopes of getting a dress of his for the NBC upfronts. They wouldn’t respond, and then they finally responded and- I think it’s his sister that works with him- and on Savannah’s Instagram, they responded saying, ‘you know, I haven’t gotten an okay from the PR team and I haven’t spoken to Michael about it yet.’ And then Savannah and them were going back and forth via email. And they said, basically, you know, that they weren’t interested because Savannah wasn’t famous enough.”

“It shocked Savannah,” the rep told CELEB of being told Savannah wasn’t famous enough. “I think because that was her first-time kind of dealing with a situation like this and the world that they live in. Savannah wasn’t even expecting it for free. That was the thing. She was willing to pay because she didn’t even know at the time that they could leverage a following or that they were on a TV show in order to get products for free because she was just being introduced into this world.”

“He wasn’t going to dress Savannah,” Chrisley’s family rep elaborated. “And she’s tried other times to get him to dress her, and she got nothing from them. And Savannah finally was just like, ‘you know what, I’m not dealing with someone like this.’ And Savannah had reached out to Walter Mendez. And he was like, ‘Yes, I would love to dress you, send you a dress to wear, send it back out to the event,’ whatever. Savannah was beyond appreciative of that. Because she had just had someone tell her that she basically wasn’t worthy of wearing their designs.”

An Oscars Letdown 

Chrisley’s family rep then dished to CELEB how Savannah wanted to wear one of Costello’s pieces for the 2017 Oscars, but that didn’t end up panning out either. 

“Savannah wanted to wear his designs for the Oscars and 2017 and Michael responded and said ‘sure, what do you have in mind?’” the rep began detailing to CELEB. “And then [he] left Savannah hanging. And then Savannah messaged him multiple times after that [saying] ‘I’m in LA. Would you still be interested in me wearing something of yours for my E segment for the Oscars?’ And still she was left unread. It’s just so not professional. And at the same time, Savannah doesn’t expect anything for free. She’s willing to pay for it.”

“Savannah thought his designs were great,” Chrisley’s family rep added. “So that’s why she wanted to wear them.”

Laughing Out Loud At Karma

Chrisley’s family rep then shared with CELEB why Savannah decided to speak up now, detailing that “Savnnah saw his comment to Kylie on her Instagram about her not mentioning other designers and only mentions designers she’s friends with or designers of a certain caliber. And she kind of laughed out loud, like this guy’s not for real. He’s coming at her for basically doing the exact same thing that he does to other people.”

“And then,” the rep added, “Savannah saw there was an article about Lala Kent [from Vanderpump Rules] saying he wouldn’t dress her because she wasn’t famous enough. And at that point, Savannah was just like, ‘you know what, this guy has done the exact same thing to me. And it’s not okay.’ Savannah posted on her Instagram, and she went to tag him in it. But he has turned off- in his settings- where people can’t mention him in comments.”

Chrisley’s family rep elaborated that “It’s just sad, and it’s sad whenever you do have such amazing talent and put out amazing pieces like he does. And then you just can’t be thankful for it. You can’t be grateful and live with the talent that you have. And he’s just all about if Beyonce is not wearing his gowns, then you’re not famous enough.”

“It’s sad,” the rep reiterated. “Again, it’s sad to see someone with so much talent act that way. But, you know, karma is a real thing. And that’s what’s happening now, because Savannah was told that she wasn’t famous enough to wear his gowns and now look what’s happening. In all honesty, he’s probably getting what he wants, which is more people talking about him.”

What Does Famous Look Like To Michael Costello? 

“Savannah always wants the good people to come out on top,” Chrisley’s family rep then told CELEB, “and it’s sad because it seems like so many times that it is is the people like Michael, who refuse service to people because you’re not of a certain caliber that sometimes come out on top. And it’s so hard to understand. But now, it is all coming to light. [It was] probably not the smartest move to mess with one of the Kardashian/Jenners, because we all know what happens when you do.”

Michael Costello

Chrisley’s family rep also stated that “We’re not quite sure what famous in his eyes looks like, but as was aforementioned, Savannah wasn’t expecting anything for free. So it’s kind of sad that someone’s willing to buy your products and you still refuse to communicate and service them.”

“Michael has- we’ve seen comments of him doing that [degrading women],” Chrisley’s family rep also told CELEB. “And we have heard of him, you know, we’ve just heard of him doing that. So Savannah can’t be associated- nor does she want to be associated- with anyone that refuses to give service to anyone and everyone, and someone who just tears women down and makes them feel bad about themselves.”

Chrisley’s rep also confirmed that, at this point, Savannah would not want to wear Costello’s clothing due to all of the negativity. 

“She just wouldn’t,” the rep  explained, “because there’s so much negativity surrounding it. And for women, Savannah feels like when you go to put on a piece of clothing, you pick out what you like, because it makes you feel good. You may be feeling bad about yourself, but you put on something cute that you love, and you kind of come back to life a little bit. And it’s hard to do that whenever you know what a company stands for or what the designer stands for. And she just can’t do it.”

Positive From A Negative

Chrisley’s family rep then explained that Savannah is working on a cosmetics line, Sassy By Savannah, and it’s clear that she is planning to conduct her business in a completely different manner.

“It’s so sad because right now Savannah’s in the midst of creating her cosmetic line,” the rep stated to CELEB. “And she’s been working on that for years. When Savannah’s creating that, she wants a line that is all-inclusive and that everyone feels welcome to buy. And Savannah wanted to create something that was affordable and attainable to everyone- men, women, girls, it does not matter. If you feel that you can connect with it, then Savannah wants you to have it. And Savannah wanted it to connect with all genders and races. And Savannah wanted it to be for everyone because that’s what she stands for. She stands for just being accepting of everyone because everyone has a different story and a different background. And it’s not okay for us to say whether that’s right or wrong.”

Chrisley’s family rep wrapped with telling CELEB that “Now, especially with creating Savannah’s line, she’s just more in touch with that and she’s starting to pay more attention to other designers and what they stand for, and she just wants everyone to get along and be happy and be accepting because that’s what we need more of.”

Define Fame

Michael Costello response to dress row with Savannah Chrisley

Costello did end up commenting on Chrisley’s Instagram post, as can be seen above, writing “You look beautiful honey. I have nothing to say about you because I do not know you at all. We have never met and you never reached out to me to get a ‘NO’ but dig a little deeper.”

“Walter was my best friend and use to work for me for 3 years,” Costello continued. “Like I said get the facts straight. Not everyone should expect something for free if they are on a reality show. Had I known you personally and you followed me and reached out things could have been different bu we are not friend and do not know each other on that level. There is no reason why you should feel entitled for me to dress you or make something for free for you or Lala. It doesn’t matter how famous any one is. All of my high profile clients respect me and my work and come to me when they have a vision and budget. God bless.”

Savannah Chrisley dress row with Michael Costello

As can be seen above, Chrisley responded, stating “You are so kind…. Now that you’ve been called out… let’s get it straight.”

“I need nothing for FREE nor have I ever asked anyone to do anything for me for free,” Chrisley continued. “Being famous has more to do with making your brand famous because the people you Dres are YOUR success and I applaud you for that Maybe stick to designing and your amazing talent instead of tearing women down.”

“By the way,” Chrisley also stated, “I spoke with your sister or cousin… whichever works with you who conveyed your message that I wasn’t famous enough for you to dress.. yet I was famous enough for you to respond? You are responsible for the people who work with you or for you. But judging people based off of your definition of ‘fame’ is not ok.”

Chrisley wrapped with writing “I hope we can all learn from this situation and allow it to better us and move forward! May God bless you in every aspect of life!” 


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* Photo of Savanah Chrisley used with permission by Ty French.