Scandoval Blasts Off for Space – Tom Schwartz Dishes the Tea from ‘Stars on Mars’

Ever since the Scandoval broke, news has been coming a mile-a-minute about the fallout of the affair between Tom Sandoval

Tom Schwartz Scandoval
Tom Schwartz, FOX "Stars on Mars" - YouTube

Ever since the Scandoval broke, news has been coming a mile-a-minute about the fallout of the affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss.

Things reached a fever pitch last week with the airing of part three of the reunion episode – and Leviss blew up the timeline with her coda interview.

Since then, people have been eager for more insight on what it felt like to watch Scandoval explode up close – and a few castmates have been happy to oblige.

For one, Tom Schwartz.

Best friends with Sandoval, Schwartz watched everything happen up close and personal – and received criticism for his hands-off approach to his best friend’s egregious behavior.

Recently, Sandoval told co-stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright that he was taking a little break from his friendship with Sandoval.

On last week’s episode of “When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany, Schwartz explained, “He made a big mess and he left it for us to clean up. It’s hard for me not to be resentful of him … I’m taking a break from Tom right now.”

Taylor suggested that Sandoval “took advantage” of Schwartz’s “kindness.” Schwartz agreed, saying he felt “used” by his friend.

Schwartz told the podcast hosts and co-stars, “In this case in particular, I really do feel like he exploited me.” Schwartz says he became an “unfortunate confidant” in the “vile” scheme.

And now, Schwartz is adding more thoughts to the whole Scandoval experience, but he’s doing so from Mars – kinda.

Schwartz is a contestant on FOX’s new reality series, “Stars on Mars,” which simulates a Mars colony experience for a number of stars – including the Scandoval frontrunner.

In the colony confessional, Schwartz explained, “I guess, in like, some sort of bootleg space terms, my friend’s actions created a black hole. And, you know, I got close to getting sucked in. I was right there – on the event horizon. But I was able to escape it.”

Were you though?

Schwartz continued, “Thank God I was able to come up here [to] Mars, get that fresh perspective, take a breather from all of this sh-t that’s not really my sh-t, that I got sucked into. And it’s been really cathartic.”

Sandoval adds, “It’s wild that this thing with my friend back home, just – it’s incredibly messed up. And, you know, it seems each time I try to weigh in or talk about it, ramble on about it, drivel on, I inevitably sound like somehow I’m justifying it. Or making excuses for it. And I’m not. Because, you know, there’s just no excuse for it. Any sort of version of his side of the story has become obsolete because of the way he handled it. And ultimately, that’s his life. That is his life. I did not have an affair, I am not him. It’s just so strange that I’ve been absolutely mired in this, and it’s taken on almost a life of its own.”

He concluded, “After this, I’m stepping away from it permanently. Just gotta move forward, it’s not my life.”

Schwartz may be ready to move on, but everyone’s still itching for more information after Leviss’s confession on the reunion finale.