Sean Austin Who? Teen Mom Jade Cline’s Baby Daddy Looks Unrecognizable After Rehab

In a new trailer of Teen Mom 2, Jade Cline and daughter Kloie welcome back Kloie's dad Sean Austin. Austin,

Sean Austin Who? Teen Mom Jade Cline's Baby Daddy Looks Unrecognizable After Rehab

In a new trailer of Teen Mom 2, Jade Cline and daughter Kloie welcome back Kloie's dad Sean Austin. Austin, who has been in rehab, looks nearly unrecognizable in the trailer.

Having successfully completed rehab and working on wrestling with the demons on his back, Austin looks happier than he has in a very long time – and Cline seems happy to see him.

Sean is Back – But Who is this Man?

Austin has been in rehab for three months now, and it seems that the time away has done him good. In the newest Teen Mom 2 trailer, Austin returns – and he looks great.

Per The Sun, "Jade was talking to her daughter, Kloie, and said, 'We're going to go see daddy.'

Sean walked out from behind a hallway and smiled at his daughter.

The 4-year-old ran over to her dad and yelled 'Daddy' before he picked her up and they both giggled.

Jade smiled on the couch as they embrace."

It was a sweet moment and a triumphant return for the 28-year-old who looks healthy and ready to tackle life with a clear head. Hopefully, this gives the family a chance to co-parent together effectively and gives Kloie some time with the healthy and sober dad she deserves.

Sean is Working on Himself

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Sean Austin Who? Teen Mom Jade Cline’s Baby Daddy Looks Unrecognizable After Rehab

CELEB took a look at Austin's plan to work on himself before he entered rehab; "The Sun reports, 'Sean hosted and Instagram Live chat with his followers and fans, discussing everything from the MTV reality show to rehab.

During the video, the Teen Mom 2 dad told fans that rehab showed him he ‘needed to find’ himself.

He explained: ‘That’s who I need to find at the end of the day was myself and come to terms with things that I haven’t came to terms with and get s**t of my chest that I didn’t know I needed to get off my chest and unbury everything that I’ve had buried for so long.''

Austin adds, per The Sun, ' ‘It has me shook though because I’m like, ‘damn, I actually thought I had it hidden well. I actually thought that I had everybody fooled.'

He went on: ‘It’s a perfect example of what I don’t want to look like and what I don’t want to be portrayed as.

‘It’s a good reminder that I’m in a better spot right now and I don’t have to live like that anymore.' '

Dealing with a substance abuse issue and trying to become the best possible version of yourself is hard – doing it in front of the world is much harder."

But as difficult as it is, the mirror of Teen Mom helped Austin focus on what he really wants out of life – and what he needed to do to achieve that.

Speaking of Working on Oneself – Jade Shows off BBL

Of course, Austin isn't the only one who has changed in recent months. Cline took to social media in April to show off her physique after a complex and risky cosmetic surgery known as BBL (Brazilian Butt Life).

After a rocky post-op start where Cline's wayward mom disappeared when she was supposed to be picking up Cline's post-up medication, it was a difficult recovery. Cline leaned on fellow Teen Mom Briana DeJesus to survive the immediate post operative period.

CELEB's Victoria Liotta took a look at Cline's confidence after recovery; "Cline has since recovered from her surgery and has been flaunting her new look all over social media. Most recently she shared a selfie in a tight black crop top which showed off her cleavage. She also sported gold hoop earrings and glasses with black frames.

When talking about future cosmetic procedures, Cline told PopCulture 'I pretty much think I'm done. It was a hard experience. It was a hard journey.

She explained that she's been putting in the work toward bettering her emotional health and becoming happier. She shared, "I've been doing a lot of self-reflecting and figuring out who I am.' Cline continued, 'I've been a little bit more selfish, thinking about myself and my kid more than worrying what other people think of me.'"

Cline has weathered her fare share of online criticism after her cosmetic procedures and then the accusations that she forced Kloie to talk to Austin. Like most Teen Moms, she can't please everyone; but she seems happy with herself, Kloie is thriving, and with a healthy Austin back in the picture – they're all in a good place.