The Search for Vibes

The worst thing about a pandemic isn’t grocery store sushi. It isn’t the quasi-acceptable home gym situation. It isn’t even

The worst thing about a pandemic isn’t grocery store sushi. It isn’t the quasi-acceptable home gym situation. It isn’t even the existential crisis one must endure every time they pass a reflective surface. Ew. Okay, maybe it is. 

But for real. It’s the distinctive lack of vibes. 

There has literally never been anything we have ever experienced that has less vibes than a pandemic. Which is exactly why I’m craving them more than ever.

What are vibes, anyway? As the world’s foremost leading expert on vibrational activation, I would be happy to explain. On the surface level, vibes might be a trendy and convenient tag for basic Becky’s 400th Cabo Bachelorette Weekend Instagram post, but vibes are oh so much more than that.

Vibes are a physical manifestation of energy. It is a metaphysical combination of the physical, environmental and spiritual that wakes up your soul. When good vibes are detected, you feel it.

Deep down, humans have a very spiritual connection to the Earth. While it might not seem like it in the hustle and bustle of daily life, with all its technology and triviality, there is a yearning for that connection that for most can only be experienced when you get away from it all.

Humans are a beauty-seeking race. Why? Beauty calms. Beauty soothes. Beauty restores.

So what ARE vibes? Well, for starters….it’s golden sunlight on your face, warm sea air on your skin, deep soulful music in the atmosphere. Its animals. Its trees. Its spicy, pungent smells and flavors and smiles of people who live very different lives than you or me. There are special places on this Earth that just so happen to activate all of those experiences and more at the exact same time. That’s where the vibes are. That’s why we go there.

Yeah, I am going to get all weird about travel with you guys. You wanted to know all my travel secrets and now you’re going to get them. You wanted to know why some people travel and others just take trips. Well, this is it.

In special places, you just feel that spark. Trust me, you’ll know when it happens. That spark you feel that results in a flood of unmistakable joy and bliss, is your chakra system snapping into place. It’s that place that we create memories that not only last a lifetime but help cultivate your psyche that allows you to progress in this human experiment we call life.

So this column might not tell you so much on where to travel, but how to travel. I mean, I will definitely tell you where to travel and how to do it in style. Of course, I will do that. But what good is knowing where to go if you don’t know how to actually experience it?

Intrigued, but still skeptical? I mean….you get on an airplane and go somewhere. How hard could it be? That’s precisely the mentality I challenge you to leave behind on your next post-pandemic escape.  

The search for vibes continues until you know how to source them from within.