Selena Gomez is Rebooting ‘Working Girl’, and Sigourney Weaver Has Feelings About It

In 1988, Sigourney Weaver starred alongside Melanie Griffiths in a hit comedy film known as "Working Girl." Now, "Only Murders

Selena Gomez is Starring in 'Working Girl' Reboot

In 1988, Sigourney Weaver starred alongside Melanie Griffiths in a hit comedy film known as "Working Girl."

Now, "Only Murders in the Building" actress and singer Selena Gomez is rebooting the classic, and Weaver has some thoughts on the subject.

Weaver “Excited” about Selena Gomez Reprise of “Working Girl”

Weaver and Griffth starred alongside Harrison Ford, John Cusack and Alec Baldwin in the Mike Nichols-directed film which became an instant classic.

People spoke with Weaver at Elle's Women in Hollywood Celebration in Los Angeles Monday, delivering the "awesome" news that Gomez would be producing a remake of the film.

Weaver told the magazine, "I think she should do that. I think it's time to bring it back for a new generation. And I think all of us who were in it will be very, very excited about seeing it."

The reboot was first confirmed back in August, with Gomez as a producer. It's unclear whether or not she will star in or direct the movie.

A Look Back at the Original

The original movie earned five Oscar nominations including Best Actress for Griffith, and two Best Supporting Actress and Actor for Weaver and Cusack.

Nichols was nominated for Best Director and the film also received a Best Picture nomination.

People writes, "In the original, Griffith played Tess McGill, an ambitious secretary who gets back at her dishonest boss Katherine Parker (Weaver) by pretending to be her when Parker is away from the office recovering from a broken leg. Ford, 80, played Jack Trainer, Parker's boyfriend and McGill's love interest."

In 2018, Griffith took a moment to acknowledge the film's 30th anniversary with an Instagram post captioned in part, "30 years ago today Working Girl opened in theaters world wide. I am so grateful to have played Tess McGill and to have helped empower women all of these years."

The actress added, " I am so grateful and proud to have been a part of this marvelous cast and especially grateful to our director Mike Nichols. So happy it stands the test of time. So… here’s to all of the working people who dare to dream big and who have the courage to believe in themselves against all odds!! Go for it!! ♥️"

Weaver herself has a new movie coming out soon – "Call Jane" which will be out later this month.

But perhaps a role with more anticipation is Weaver's long-anticipated return to the world of Pandora in James Cameron's "Avatar: The Way of Water" coming to theaters December 16.