Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander Talks ‘Shock and Disappointment’ With New Season

Netflix’s Selling Sunset is getting ready to premiere its third season on August 7, 2020. As fans know, the show

Selling Sunset Maya Vander

Netflix’s Selling Sunset is getting ready to premiere its third season on August 7, 2020. As fans know, the show follows a group of women realtors such as Maya Vander and Christine Quinn who work at the Oppenheim Group, a high profile real estate firm in Los Angeles.

Prior to this season airing, there has been a lot of chatter surrounding Chrishell Stause, much ado to the fact that she had been married to actor Justin Hartley (of This Is Us fame) and they went through a very public announcement of their intention to get divorced as the new season of Selling Sunset was taping.

We recently caught up with Selling Sunset star Maya Vander. As fans know, Vander is bi-coastal, as her husband and children live in Miami, Florida, but her work for the Oppenheim Group is done in Los Angeles, California. In our conversation with her, we talked about the new season, managing her bi-coastal lifestyle, and the Chrishell drama that we are going to be watching as the season begins airing.

What Will Happen On Selling Sunset This Season?

As for what fans can expect from Vander this season, she shared that “Fans can expect a couple of storylines that have already been leaked in the press, such as Chrishell’s divorce (unfortunately) and myself possibly leaving The Oppenheim Group to live full-time with my family in Miami. However, the main focus will be on Christine’s wedding, which was an amazing event.”

As far as her bi-coastal life, Vander explained that “Right now I am living in Miami and quarantining here due to COVID. I am trying to avoid any traveling unless I have to. It is nice to have this break period to focus on my family. Traveling to LA will happen again eventually, but only for very short time intervals since I have to be back in Miami to take care of my children.”

Speaking of children, we wondered how Vander balanced filming the show, having two children, a marriage, and a high profile real-estate career (part of which operates on the other side of the country from her family).

“It is definitely not easy” Vander explained on how she manages it all. “Luckily, I had part-time help while filming and that also gave me time to live my life normally. I am very good with maintaining balance and sticking to a to-do list in general, so I tried my best to be as efficient with my time as I could. My husband works a lot but helps as much as he can. I love searching [for] properties for my clients once the babies are sleeping: it is my time to zone out and focus.”

Coronavirus Had An Impact On Selling Sunset  Filming

With the coronavirus pandemic that began becoming a big issue in March- and an issue that is still ongoing- we had read in the press that Vander had refused to fly back to California from Florida to film more (which production initially wanted her to do).

“I think they [production] were disappointed because we did a few pick up scenes and interviews that needed to be completed prior to editing Season 3,” Vander dished. “I flew to LA to do the same thing at the end of February and already felt that I should have avoided traveling because COVID-19 was around but was not a very prominent issue in the USA yet.”

“March was a no go, for sure,” she elaborated. “I was seven months pregnant and the last thing that I needed was to get sick. I think that prior to March no one knew how bad the situation was, but I was following the news very closely and decided to avoid flying.”

Drama Alert!

We then turned the conversation to some of the drama surrounding the show.

Recently, Vander had hinted that the friendship between costar Mary Fitzgerald and Oppenheimer Group owner Jason Oppenheim will spark some drama this season. As fans know, Fitzgerald and Oppenheim had dated in the past prior to Fitzgerald getting married to someone else last season.

“Jason and Mary have a very deep history, including when they dated each other,” Vander revealed to us. “Therefore I do think in the beginning of her career he helped more with listings and buyers. Even now I would say if there is a client that he may be too busy to take on, he will more than likely ask Mary for help.”

“That being said,” Vander elaborated, “she works hard so I do respect her and have nothing bad to say about her. They are good friends but if Jason regrets not marrying her, I’m dubious that their relationship is in a good place.”

Speaking of Jason, his twin brother Brett Oppenheim had co-owned The Oppenheim Group with Jason but recently ventured out on his own to start his own brokerage. We were curious if Vander would ever leave Jason’s group to go to Brett’s.

“The idea crossed my mind,” Vander told us, “but I’ve been with Jason for a long time. Right now my focus is to elevate my business here in Miami and work on getting my broker license.”

Vander’s Take On A Shocking Divorce!

We then turned the conversation to the demise of Stause’s marriage, which is likely going to be one of the main focal points story-line wise of the upcoming season.

“​I was shocked and disappointed,” Vander shared with us of learning the news that Stause’s marriage to Hartley was ending. “I guess I always thought they were a perfect couple who had found their fairytale ending, so I was sad for her. She was very professional and tried to hold herself together. I have empathy since it is hard to deal with such personal and private matters in front of a whole cast and crew. She was just trying her best and did not change from the Chrishell we all know and love.”

Stause’s arch-nemesis on the show has long been Christine Quinn. We asked Vander if she had to pick a side in their drama, who would she side with.

“I like them both and I get along with both,” Vander shared. “Was it necessary [for Christine] to go off in the first season? No, and Christine knows that and tried to apologize.”

“I thought they could have made amends a few weeks ago, but recent interviews made me think twice,” Vander elaborated. “I would think that in time they will reach a place where they can show each other respect and politeness, but let’s just say I do not see them grabbing a drink together anytime soon.”

“Right now they’re not on speaking terms and it is what it is,” Vander also dished. “Thankfully I do not feel the need to pick a side and I’d rather avoid drama at this point in my life.”

So out of all the women, is there one that Vander trusts the most- and one she trusts the least?

“That’s a hard question for me to answer,” Vander explained to us. “I think because we all talk with each other so often, it’s hard to keep a secret in this group. And I’ll leave it at that.​”

Future Plans For The Show

In the midst of all the drama, though, Vander is keeping her head looking towards her future.

“My hope is that the success of Selling Sunset will transpire a spin-off series in Miami where I live with my family,” she wrapped with telling us. “The commute would definitely be easier for me. Additionally, the real estate here is insane and I think it would sit well with fans of the show.”