Exclusive: Shauna Sand Interview Part 3; ‘You Just Have to Find a Balance’

In our exclusive three-part interview with former Playboy PlaymateShauna Sand, we’ve talked about a wide variety of topics. In Part

Shauna Sand

In our exclusive three-part interview with former Playboy PlaymateShauna Sand, we’ve talked about a wide variety of topics. In Part 1, Sand talked about the loss of her mother and the way she’s had to adjust to life amid the pandemic. In part 2, the former Miss May opened up about her success with raising 3 incredible daughters, and how she overcame body image issues. When speaking with Sand, it becomes immediately obvious that there’s much more to this entrepreneur and mom of three than meets the eye. In part three, we discussed her business and education accomplishments, and she shared with me her secret to the Fountain of Youth.

Shauna is Not Only Well-Educated and Well-Spoken, She Speaks Three Languages! 

As a woman who has traveled the world, Sand has had the opportunity to immerse herself in many cultures. But Sand didn’t just pass through without being changed; she’s learned to speak three languages to connect with people and experiences across the globe. Originally invited to Dancing with the Stars: France, Sand had to turn the opportunity down due to the pandemic. 

Speaking about her travels from a young age, Sand explained how often she moved around. The La Jolla native said, “Every two years, I changed houses. Every two years, I changed cities and states and countries. At 12 or 13, I was on a ballet scholarship in Aspen, Colorado, so we lived there for awhile. And so I moved out of my house when I was like 15 years old, I traveled all over. I first worked as a model in Mexico. And then I was signed by Elite Models in New York, so I went there. At 17, I moved to Tokyo. And I was a model there with Folio.”

Sand moved to Paris to attend university at 18, then lived in Italy for a time. The mother of three has lived in Vancouver, Prague, and countless other places during her life. It all adds up to a woman of accomplishment who has learned about the variety the world has to offer. 

Not Just a Pretty Face, Shauna’s Business Adventures are Numerous 

Shauna Sand Magazine

After earning a degree in International Business Administration from the American University of Paris, Sand paved her own path in the business world. Aside from successes as a Playboy Playmate and a model of renown around the world, Sand has also embarked on entrepreneurial journeys. Always involved in contributing to charities, Sand is looking to start up a shoe line once time and circumstances permit. Sand talked about what she calls her, “side hustles,” and how she’s always doing several things at once. “I’ve kind of always been an entrepreneur. And I’ve always done like, 20 million different things at the same time. I’m not a person that has one passion, I have a lot and my biggest passion in my life is for my children.”

What People Might Not Understand About a Former Playmate

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When asked about misconceptions fans might have about Sand, she opened up about the way she thinks people might view her versus the way she is in reality. Sand felt as though people might think she’s spoiled, adding, “maybe [they think I’m] spoiled. But I’m the furthest thing from that; I worked so hard for all of my accomplishments. And even my real estate, I was locked in my room studying and studying and studying.

I did it on my own, I put the time into it. And I learned also from Alexandra and her study habits that you can study hard and still play hard and work hard. You can do everything. You just have to find that balance.”

Shauna Dishes Her Secret to Looking and Feeling Young

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I had to ask Sand while I had the opportunity what her secret to beauty success is. When asked how she’s managed to draw from the Fountain of Youth and defy aging, Sand dished her secrets. First, Sand is a teetotaler. She avoids alcohol altogether. Having once been married to the owner of a French winery, Sand explains how she decided to walk away from alcohol for good; “If I have a drink, the next day, I’ll be sick for like a day or two. And I can’t function and feel horrible and depressed. So I realized that if I want to succeed and have a clear mind – and I think this is important for most everyone on the planet – that no one should drink alcohol.”

Sand continued, “Because for a while living in France, I drink a lot of wine. This husband that I was married to in France, they had a winery and I would drink and it would actually make me really sick.

I probably would have been more focused and successful during the time that I was having all that wine. And then I realized I cannot drink anything. So I stopped drinking. And that really helped me achieve my real estate goals and do well on my exam and just have a clear, happier life.”

But abstaining from alcohol isn’t Sand’s only commitment to health and wellness. For those looking to achieve Sand’s flawless glow, the 49-year-old recommends hydration, a clean diet, movement, and simplicity. 

“I really don’t eat sugar at all. Once in a while I’ll have ice cream, but I don’t eat junk. I eat really healthy stuff, and a little of everything. I learned this from living in France and traveling, that I eat everything in moderation. Like, I’ll have organic whole milk. I’ll have whole yogurt. Whole real cheese, everything in its purest form. And I’ll eat steak and all but it’s whole not processed, and everything organic. And I try and drink a lot of water. “

Sand explained her thoughts of moving and staying active; “I was about a professional ballerina, then I taught aerobics, and now I do yoga. And I really love to walk on the beach and run on the beach or surf, boogie board. I love outside activity. So I think it’s really important to stay active and keep moving. I think it’s really important to stretch.”

Turning to the topic of what she puts on her skin to keep it glowing, Sand shared, “As far as products and stuff go, I think that’s all like a money-making industry. I use products from Trader Joe’s for my skin. And I keep it really inexpensive, pure, and very simple. I keep my routines very simple, like a minimalist. But I do also moisturize a lot! I don’t have any stretch marks on my body. And every time I take a shower, I put a lot of Jergen’s shea butter lotion all over me. So I think it’s really important to stay hydrated internally and externally with moisture and creams. And  I love putting coconut oil in my hair, coconut oil on my skin. Trader Joe’s makes a pure coconut oil.

Just very pure, simple products just to keep clean. And then I try not to wash my face too much. Because that strips all of the natural oils that are important to keep. Also,  I try not to wear makeup unless I’m doing a photoshoot or going somewhere.”

What Does Shauna Have Planned for the Future?

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Sand was very adamant that she and her daughter Isabella would love to appear on Selling Sunset together. She also expressed an interest in being involved with a Real Housewives franchise. Giving major props to her agent Andrew Lear from UTA, Sand was excited about her prospects for the future. 

With her real estate license in hand, Sand could do any number of things in the future. When discussing the philosophies of life she’s instilled in her three daughters, Sand explained her thoughts on what’s important; “Count your blessings, be grateful, and try to see the glass half full, not half empty. Just be grateful for all the little things and appreciate everything that you have; your health, your family. Be kind, be respectful, and be compassionate.”

Fans looking to connect with Sand can visit her OnlyFans, Ebay store, or Instagram. Business contacts can reach out to Andrew Lear at UTA.