All The Tea Shawn Mendes Spilled On Camila Cabello In New Album ‘Wonder’ — Break Down Of Lyrics

It’s here, you guys! Yep, after months of waiting, Shawn Mendes‘ new album, Wonder, finally dropped on Friday, December 4,

Shawn Mendes Wonder

It’s here, you guys! Yep, after months of waiting, Shawn Mendes‘ new album, Wonder, finally dropped on Friday, December 4, 2020, and boy, were there a lot of songs about his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, on it.

As fans know, the two stars met all the way back in 2014, and for years, they were total BFF goals. They would constantly hang out, share the cutest pics together online, support each other’s work and gush over each other in interviews. But despite all their chemistry, they’d continuously insist that they were only friends. That’s why when they were caught holding hands in July 2019, it was seriously a dream come true! Yep, after years of being shipped as a couple, the two finally entered into a relationship last year, and now, they’re as happy as could be together.

Well people, prepare for a lot of details on their romance, because the singer just spilled so much tea on it in his new music. We went ahead and broke down the entire lyrics to his LP for you, and we rounded up everything he said about the “Havana” songstress in his new songs.

‘Wonder’ And ‘Higher’ Are All About Shawn Mendes’ Love For Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello sitting

The song “Wonder” is about someone who longs to be with someone else before their relationship starts. And since Mendes has previously confirmed that he had feelings for Cabello long before they started dating, it’s believed that the track is inspired by her!

“Right before I close my eyes / The only thing that’s on my mind / Been dreamin’ that you feel it too / I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you, yeah,” the lyrics read. “And I wonder if someday you’ll be by my side / And tell me that the world will end up alright / I wonder, I wonder.”

“I remember there was a time before we started dating, where I was like, ‘I don’t know what I should do. I don’t know if I should tell her how I feel or what I should do,’” Mendes previously said during a pre-show Q&A with fans. “I was driving down the street and right in the moment when I was like, ‘OK, I’m not going to tell her,’ I passed a street that said, ‘Camila.’ I really believe in that stuff.”

In “Higher,” he sings about how their relationship keeps getting better and better.

“The drinks are gettin’ better, the view is lookin’ nice / As long as we’re together, no, I can’t get much higher, I, I / No, I can’t get much higher / Let’s stay like this forever, I’ll kiss you every night / As long as we’re together, no, I can’t get much higher,” the lyrics read. “All eyes are lookin’ at us / But I can’t stop fallin’ in love / Always been the one that I want, yeah.” So cute!

’24 Hours’ Is About Shawn Mendes Moving Wanting To Move In With Camila Cabello

The song “24 Hours” is about wanting to move in with your significant other.

“All it’d take is 24 hours / Sign the check and the place is ours / It’s a little soon / But I wanna come home to you,” the musician sings. “I don’t know, how does it go? / I promise that I love you / So I’ll bet it all on me and you / I’ll bet it all, you’re bulletproof / Let’s throw away our backup plans / And people might not understand / Who cares about if they approve? / I’d face them all to be with you.”

So does this mean he and Cabello have taken that major step? Well, he told ET when asked if this was confirmation that they had moved in together, “I mean we’ve been looking for a house for a while. But I think with COVID and everything we’ve just been spending time with family. It will happen one day. There’s no rush but we’re definitely searching. Whether it’s in Miami or Toronto I’m not sure yet.”

Shawn Mendes Spilled A Lot Of Tea On His Relationship With Camila Cabello In ‘Teach Me How To Love’

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

“Teach Me How To Love” is definitely an emotional song! The ballad is all about learning to love someone in the beginning of a relationship, and many signs point to Cabello for the inspiration.

“Put my hands around you / Ooh, teach me how to / Touch you, tease, caress you, and please you / Teach me how to love,” the lyrics read. “Your imagination, now I’m fixated / And I’m dying to learn / Every inch of you, therе’s something new / F’ing me up, I’m what you dеserve / Just draw a map for me / Laced with strawberries / And I’ll get on my knees.”

In the past, Mendes has gushed over Cabello’s imagination, so many fans have taken that as confirmation that this one is about her.

‘Dream,’ ‘305’ And ‘Always Been You’ Are Also Believed To Be About Camila Cabello

In “Dream,” Mendes mentions missing someone who is in London, and since Cabello spent time in London recently while filming the upcoming live-action remake of Cinderella, it’s safe to say that this one is also about her.

“You’re asleep in London, I wish you were coming / Back home to me, darling, you’re too far away / Count back from one hundred / Holding you is all I think about,” Mendes sings in the emotional track. “Oh, baby, when I’m apart from you / I just shut my eyes, all I have to do / Is dream, dream, dream, dream / About you.”

“305” is a total love song, and boy, are the lyrics adorable.

“You’re my sunlight on a rainy day / Would take my heart with you if you walked away / I’m a mess right now, I’m a wreck right now / I’m waiting for the moment that you let me down / If you cut the cord, I don’t know what I’d do / Don’t wanna skydive without my parachute / I’m a mess right now, baby, help me out / I’m scared I’m gonna wake up and you’ll let me down,” the “In My Blood” crooner sings. “This feeling doesn’t fade no matter how hard that I try / I always think about it at the same time every night / It’s 3:05 / I’m on a rollercoaster ride / Hoping you don’t change your mind / I don’t wanna let go, never been so sure in my life / I’m terrified / You’ll turn around and say goodbye / Hoping you don’t change your mind / I don’t wanna let go, I’ve never been so sure in my life.”

“Always Been You” is also about falling for someone, so it’s safe to say it was inspired by Cabello too! The lyrics read, “It’s a fairytale I can’t explain / Full of words I don’t know how to say / And without a little twist of fate / I know I’d still be searching, baby / I swear that you’ve been sent to save me / You’re the only one that my heart keeps coming back to / It’s always been you, it’s always been you.”

Shawn Mendes Also Sings About Camila Cabello In ‘Can’t Imagine,’ ‘Look Up At the Stars’ and ‘Piece Of You’

Shawn Mendes Wonder

In “Can’t Imagine,” Mendes imagines what life without Cabello would be like, and he says, “Without you, all the birds would stop their songs / Without you, all things right would feel so wrong.”

“Look Up At the Stars” seems to be about how Mendes has loved Cabello for years.

“Finally we’ve met, now the lights are set / It’s taken us ’til now / To be together in this town, yeah / A couple of years we’ve been making plans / Somehow you always seem to understand / So let me spend the night in wonderland with you,” the lyrics read.

And in “Piece Of You,” the 22-year-old sings about how Cabello completes him! Plus, he also talks about how he gets jealous when other guys look at the singer.

“I get reckless, I’m obsessive / I’m pathetic and possessive / You’re so sure it makes me insecure / You’re majestic, mesmerizin’ / Light the room up without tryin’ / Baby, I’m so into you, it hurts,” he sings. “Everybody wants a piece of you / I get jealous, but who wouldn’t when you look like you do? / From the second you walked in the room, my night is ruined / Everybody wants a piecе.”

Shawn Mendes Has Confirmed That Most Of The Album Is Inspired By Camila Cabello

Before it came out, the pop star actually told Roman Kemp during an interview with Capital FM that his new music is “all about [Cabello].” He also revealed that she was actually the person who pushed him to make the album.

“[She said], ‘Just stick with it because it feels like you.’ It gave us goosebumps the first conversation we had about it,” he shared. “I did stick with it, and everything from that moment of like just sticking with the original concept, it all just like has been flowing and it never stopped flowing.”

While speaking to ET Canada after it’s release, Mendes said his beau inspired the songs on Wonder in “a million different ways.”

“Camila was with me during the whole process. So I really had someone who was kind of by my side pushing me to stick with my ideas,” he explained. “The interesting thing about being an artist is there are always these moments of self-doubt that kind of make you feel like you just want to throw it all away, that make you forget the excitement you had when you first came up with the original concept. She was always there to push me through those moments. That is like a superpower. Seriously. Having someone be by your side to be like ‘Now you’re onto something. Don’t get discouraged. Keep going.’ I owe that to her a lot.”

Plus, the brunette beauty also gushed over his upcoming songs on Instagram, writing, “The world could use some magic, beauty, and Wonder always, but especially right now. @shawnmendes what a gorgeous gift to the world. He’s crafted this album with every last bit of his soul, his spirit, and his essence with the purest of intentions. My love, I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m so excited for people to see and hear your heart.” We love a supportive girlfriend!


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