Shawn Mendes’ Album Details Just Reportedly Leaked & It’s Coming Sooner Than We All Thought

Brace yourselves, people, because we may be only a few days away from Shawn Mendes‘ new music! That’s right, the

Shawn Mendes

Brace yourselves, people, because we may be only a few days away from Shawn Mendes‘ new music! That’s right, the details about his upcoming album may have just leaked online, and fans are convinced he’s going to release a brand new song on October 2, 2020.

So will the singer be dropping a tune this Friday?! What is the LP going to be called? When will that come out? What will it sound like and what are the songs going to be about? Here’s everything we know so far…

What Is The Album Going To Be Called?

Many fans are convinced that the “In My Blood” crooner’s fourth studio album is going to be called Wonder. Why? Well, if you Google the words “Shawn Mendes Wonder,” a page previously published by Genius (a website used to find lyrics) called “Shawn Mendes — Wonder” comes up. When you click on it, fans will find that the website has now been taken down and is scheduled to go live again on October 2, 2020, and the description of it reads, “Lyrics for this song have yet to be released. Please check back once the song has been released.”

To add more fuel to the fire, another article posted by the website Album of the Year comes up in the google search, and that has fans convinced that it’s going to be the name of his next LP as well as his single.

A Radio Host Seemingly Confirmed The News

According to an alleged Twitter DM, radio host Elvis Duran confirmed that the pop star’s new single is going to be called “Wonder” and that it’s indeed dropping this Friday! He seemingly replied, “Confirmed,” to a fan who asked him about the song.

Another fan tweeted, “I was listening to The Pulse and the radio host said that Shawn was coming on her show Friday to talk about his new song called ‘Wonder’ which is also the name of the album that’s coming out in November and I feel like I heard something I shouldn’t of.”

What Has Mendes Said About It?

Shawn Mendes Album

Obviously, until the 22-year-old confirms anything himself, it’s all speculation for now. But back in February 2020, he did reveal via Instagram that he was working on his new music!

“What’s up, guys, I know that I haven’t been on Instagram at all lately, but I just wanted to say that I love and I miss you so much,” he said. “I’m making another album. I love you and I’ll see you soon.”

Plus, while chatting with fans on an Instagram Live with his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, a few weeks later, she couldn’t stop gushing over his new songs. She said she had heard them already and that they were “pretty magical.”

Then, on June 25, 2020, when a fan asked about his album, Mendes replied, “It’s coming,” in an Instagram comment. He also shared a picture of himself inside the studio on July 11, 2020.

Mendes Has A Tattoo Of The Word ‘Wonder’

Shawn Mendes Wonder

If Wonder is going to be the name of his next album, it seems like it has a very deep meaning behind it. How do we know? Well, in August 2020, the musician actually debuted a new tattoo of the word “Wonder” on his arm. And apparently, it was written in Cabello’s handwriting! How sweet?!

Are Mendes And Cabello Still Together?

Shawn Mendes and Camila Caballo

As fans know, the two stars first confirmed that they were dating in July 2019, after years of being best friends. And after that, they quickly became couple goals! They constantly posted the sweetest pictures together online, gushed over each other in interviews, they were spotted together nonstop and packed on the PDA all over the world, and fans were living for their relationship.

But now, the couple hasn’t been photographed together in months, and fans are starting to wonder if they broke up. They’ve both been pretty quiet on social media, and Cabello is currently in London, England, filming Sony’s upcoming live-action Cinderella movie, while Mendes is still in Los Angeles, CA, working on his music. Plus, in August 2020, a source exclusively told InTouch that the pair was “taking some time apart.”

What Other Albums Do We Have To Look Forward To?

Mendes isn’t the only artist to have some new music in the works. Yep, just last week, Ariana Grande‘s friend and collaborator, Tayla Parx, confirmed that the “Dangerous Woman” artist’s next album was finished.

“The ‘Thank U, Next’ crew did get back together over quarantine — after like, five COVID tests, literally. We just kind of let it happen naturally, same way as the last album. I can tell you she’s made, yet again, another evolution,” the singer and songwriter told Business Insider. “I’m excited for her to tell you guys just more about where her head was at with this project, because it truly is incredible.”

Plus, Demi Lovato told USA Today recently that she was working on her music.

“I’m in the process of working on [my album]. I’m still going into the studio to write on it today. It took a different direction. Obviously my life has changed a lot. It was a story about everything that had happened, and now it’s kind of evolving into where my life is at today,” she explained. “It’s beautiful to have your story to tell and I’m excited to incorporate that into my next project. I don’t have a timeline but I’m working on it.”

Miley Cyrus revealed during an Instagram Live on March 25, 2020, that she originally was going to release her new music “this summer,” but that it was pushed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The blonde beauty also explained to Wall Street Journal, “Yeah, I kind of finished my record and I was ready to go to all these festivals, but it’s hard to feel appropriate releasing music at this time. But I made a record that’s kind of rock influenced, hence my mullet.”

Fans are also convinced that Harry Styles has been secretly hard at work on his third studio album! YWe may be getting some new tunes from the One Direction singer soon because he was recently spotted in Bath, England. Now, it’s still unclear what he was doing there, but some fans were quick to point out that his last LP, Fine Line, was recorded at a studio right near Bath. Coincidence? We hope not.

We can’t wait to hear all of their new music!