Shawn Mendes Doesn’t Approve Of Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn

It looks like Shawn Mendes does not approve of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn‘s relationship. Yep, the singer shared his

Shawn Mendes

It looks like Shawn Mendes does not approve of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn‘s relationship. Yep, the singer shared his true feelings about the famous couple while taking a lie detector test for Vanity Fair recently, and fans are pretty shook over his comments!

When the outlet asked the superstar what he thought about Swift’s latest romance, Mendes admitted, “I’ve never personally met Joe, but he looks like a sweet guy.”

However, when the test administrator told him that he wasn’t telling the truth, things got a little awkward.

“I’m lying a little bit? Yeah, I mean, [Alwyn’s] kind of got a little bit of a villain look about him. I mean, he looks like a nice guy but, like, he at any movement could turn into a villain, you know?” the “In My Blood” crooner admitted. “He’s got really blue eyes, and I struggle with eyes that blue, you know? Like, I find it easier to trust brown eyes.”

OMG. As fans know, Mendes actually opened for Swift on her Red Tour back in 2013, and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, is a close friend of hers. But where does their relationship stand now, you ask? Well, as for how often he talks to the blonde beauty these days, Mendes revealed, “I always am asking her for advice on music. [The last time we talked was] maybe a month ago.”

He Also Threw Some Shade Towards Harry Styles During The Test

Harry Styles

It turns out, Swift and her beau aren’t the only ones Mendes spilled his true feelings about during the test. Get this — the mag also asked him if he thinks he’s nicer than Harry Styles, and despite the One Direction member’s mantra being “Treat People With Kindness,” Mendes admitted that he thinks he’s nicer than him.

“I think I’m up there with the nicer percentage of people. [But] am I nicer than [Styles]? It’s hard to tell, I’ve never really actually met him or hung out with him,” he said. “But, looking at this photo… I think maybe, I could be a bit nicer than him. I’m really not capable of lying, I’m telling the truth. He does look quite nice in this photo.”

Some people were not here for his response, and they took to Twitter to slam Mendes for making assumptions. But others took his side, and they even pointed out that the musician is actually a pretty big Styles’ fan. Not only has he been spotted wearing his merch a few times over the years, but he also attended one of Styles’ shows in the past.

“First of all, why would you ask this? Second of all, I think it’s fair to say you might be nicer than someone you’ve never even met, if you believe you’re a nice person,” one Twitter user wrote. “So I’m not gonna attack Shawn for that answer bc he can never know until he meets Harry.”

Another viewer added, “Yo there were two options — he says Harry is nicer and the machine detects a lie. or he tells the truth. It’s not that deep, jeez. It’s what he thinks. It’s in the nature of the human being, feeling that we are better than others. And Shawn is a sweetheart so.”

Here’s What We Know About Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn’s Relationship

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn

So unfortunately, it’s still unclear when exactly Swift and Alwyn officially started dating, but the two stars both attended the Met Gala in May 2016, and some people believe that’s where they met for the first time (although there’s no photo evidence of them even interacting at the event)! Then, in October 2016, they were both spotted at the same Kings of Leon concert (but again, there’s no pictures). But it wasn’t until May 2017, when the first news reports hit the web, that we had any idea that they were dating. And at the time, The Sun claimed that they had secretly been together for months before that.

“Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship,” a source told them. “Taylor has flown in via private jets and her security has made it a military-like mission to prevent her from being seen.”

Despite all the speculation that something was going on between them, it wasn’t until June 2017 that the couple was photographed together for the first time. Paparazzi caught them sitting on a balcony together in Nashville, TN, and it was a pretty big deal, TBH. Since then, they’ve kept their romance pretty private — never sharing any pictures about each other and hardly ever speaking about it in interviews — but in January 2020, Swift seemingly spilled some tea on their relationship during her Miss Americana Netflix documentary. She revealed that she fell for her beau after having her now-infamous feud with Kim Kardashian in 2016.

“I felt alone, I felt really bitter. I felt sort of like a wounded animal lashing out,” she said. “I figured I had to reset everything. I had to reconstruct an entire belief system for my own personal sanity. I also was falling in love with someone who had a wonderfully normal, balanced life.”

The 30-year-old continued, “We decided together we wanted our relationship to be private. Even though [my public image in 2016] was really horrible, I was happy. But I wasn’t happy in the way I was trained to be happy. It was happiness without anyone else’s input. We were just… happy.”

So sweet. Hopefully Mendes will get on board with the couple soon, despite Alwyn’s scary blue eyes!