Simi Haze Tease Fans with Clues about Upcoming Beauty Launch

DJ sensations and influencer twins Simi & Haze are once again winning at life. The mega-talented sisters Simi Khadra and

Simi Haze

DJ sensations and influencer twins Simi & Haze are once again winning at life. The mega-talented sisters Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra have taken the world by storm in recent years, and they may be about to do it again. The duo has been dropping cryptic clues on social media, pointing to hints about their launch for Simi Haze Beauty; a beauty line that aims to capture their signature funky and futuristic style. The first look for the makeup line has been teased, and it’s pretty darn cool.

Simi Haze Beauty

Simi Haze

If you take a minute to scroll through the Simi Haze Instagram, you’re going to find two sleek, fashionable women at the top of their game. With their signature and iconic eye makeup embracing the funky neon and futuristic style the pair is known for, you might even wonder what brand of makeup they turn to. Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore because they’re making their own. The Simi Haze Instagram account this week tagged an Instagram account for Simi Haze Beauty and simply cryptically offered, “coming soon.” On the same post, a video plays of a sheet of eyeliner stickers being printed out in the shape of the style the twins wear most often.

Another post was shared Wednesday with a little more detail. This post includes a picture of an eye sporting stylish holographic eyeliner stickers. The caption reads, “Makeup has always been a part of our DNA, especially as DJs. We wanted to make it easy for anyone to recreate our favorite makeup looks, so we turned them into eye stickers! Our first @simihazebeauty product EYE PLAY is a sticker book of neon and holographic wings you can wear anywhere. Sign up for the exclusive presale list …”

While it’s great to have some detail, it just leaves us with one thought: we want more!

Twins tWinning at Life

The twins are Palestinian and were born in Saudi Arabia, but have taken the US by storm. Since 14, they’ve been in the public eye, living in the moment and taking inspiration from the people and events around them. They’re besties with and known to be seen out and about with Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. The pair has established a reputation that includes being creative and inspired artists, DJing for high profile fashion shows and forging a legacy for themselves in the world of music and fashion.

A Wonderland Magazine interview with the twins in 2018 highlights the way they think; both in tandem with one another and completely outside of the box from society. “Lately the sisters have been channelling the experimental work of John Cage, Lamont Young and Marion Zazeela, which recently culminated in Lucid Box, an LA-based light, sound, and performance art installation. Inspired by the Light and Space Movement that emerged from Southern California in the 60s, the installation was an exploration of the simultaneous banality and complexity of the passing moment.

Simi Haze

‘We wanted to encapsulate the [fl]eeting moments of clarity humans have that are usually followed by a cold plunge back into daily life,’ they explain. ‘The box structure that the performers were in represented the separation between the illusion of reality and higher consciousness where the mind, body, heart and soul connect in that [fl]eeting moment.’ The artists take a similarly exploratory approach when it comes to their music, a rhythmically supercharged mix of Afrobeat, dancehall and baile funk, put simply, ‘music that makes us wanna move — and some slow jams.’”

And their music makes others want to move too. On Instagram, the twins have 1.3M followers, but that’s just a fraction of their fan base that stretches across the world.

When Can You Buy Simi Haze Beauty Products?

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The answers about where and when you can buy your first Simi Haze Beauty products remains elusive for now. On Instagram, the pair seems content to keep dropping cryptic hints and teasing fans with promises of what’s to come.

If you visit, you can sign up for early access to stay on top of the releases, whenever that may be. Considering the popularity of the duo and the iconic nature of their style, the products are likely to sell out quickly once they hit the digital shelves. While it’s unclear what products they will offer for the full line, they’re almost certainly going to include bold, colorful, geometric, holographic, futuristic, and retro-funky designs and products that will allow their fans to harness that perfect Simi Haze look. SIMIHAZE BEAUTY will release the full makeup collection later this summer, and we’ll share information as we receive it. 

We can’t wait to get our hands on their makeup; the look is out of this world.