Simihaze Beauty Capsule One Released; It’s All About the Lips

DJ duo Simi & Haze has been teasing fans with news of their upcoming Simihaze Beauty Launch, and it’s finally

Simihaze Beauty Capsule One

DJ duo Simi & Haze has been teasing fans with news of their upcoming Simihaze Beauty Launch, and it’s finally arrived. With months of hype and fans clamoring for a chance to get their hands on the pair’s carefully curated products, the wait has been months long but well worth it. Capsule One released July 27th, and it’s all about the lips.

Simihaze Beauty

Simihaze Beauty Capsule One

DJ sensations and twin influencers Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra have been hard at work curating their very own beauty line. Fans who love the pair’s style and makeup now have a chance to wear the same bold colors and elegant products that give them their signature look.

Earlier this Summer, the twins dropped cryptic clues about the upcoming launch on their Instagram, and the internet went wild. The twins have spent the last two years traveling between Los Angeles and Milan, where their headquarters are based. They’ve been hard at work handpicking and crafting products that they’ve always wanted to buy, but couldn’t find on the market. Their products include hydrating skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil.

Simihaze Beauty Capsule One

The twins wanted to create skin products that would be beautiful and easy to use, and good for your skin. Not a detail was missed in their effort to create products to meet unmet needs in the industry, and fans will benefit from their perfectionism and creativity. Both twins are intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful and their skill has resulted in products that are top-quality and beautiful.

Per Forbes, “‘We created the line not to add clutter to your life, but to add an efficient product that’s high quality, high curation, that’s just going to serve humanity by making your life easier. And that’s essentially what the tagline of the line is – minimal optimal – because it’s the minimal amount of effort with a maximum amount of output. It’s the story of instant makeup. And that’s where the future of makeup is,’ said Haze.”

Capsule One

Simihaze Beauty Capsule One

Simi & Haze are both known to be outside-the-box thinkers, and the products in Capsule One are certainly unique. Many of the products come in a fascinating mint green or baby pink capsule-shaped container, which both glows in the dark and connects magnetically to other pieces. The twins wanted to create products that were more than makeup; they’re a multi-sensory experience of touch, sight, and smell. All of the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Simihaze Beauty Capsule One

These products are available in Capsule One:

  • Velvet Blur: This matte lip balm is buttery smooth to apply and long-lasting. It comes in a variety of elegant colors including Fever, Rosebury, Storm, Sunrise, Jam, Moonblade, Mist, Dahlia, Lava, Sahara, Windburn and Dusk. Most of the colors run the gamut of rich, rosy pinks and neutrals. 
  • Lip Trace: This lipliner is the perfect complement to the Velvet Blur and comes in 7 colors: Monsoon, Hinoki, Omen, Saddle, Luna, Karma and Magma. 
  • Eye Play sticker book: These awesome eyeliner stickers are very “Simihaze,” and they include both bold colors and holographic options. Apply them to your eye for a fun pop of color and playful design without having to painstakingly trace the lines out yourself. 
  • Sun Flush: This all-over tint comes in the signature magnetic capsule containers and offesr 5 colors: Sand, Soft, Baby, Blaze and Peach. It’s designed to give you a fun, sun-kissed out-of-this-world ethereal glow. It can also be used on eyes or lips to add a pop of color and glow anywhere.
Simihaze Beauty Capsule One

The products are well-thought-out, beautiful, and the packaging is impossible to resist. The Capsule One release proves that this new brand is coming out of the gate swinging; they’re not going to fade away. They’re going to build and grow.

What’s Next?

No information has been released about the next Capsule release, but fans hope it will be soon. Per Forbes, “‘Growing up, we were always taught that beauty comes from within,’ said Simi. ‘It’s about how you’re taking care of yourself and loving yourself. It’s about walking into a room and not having makeup wear you, but expressing who you are through your essence and your energy. That’s really the key message of our line. When wearing our makeup, we want you to feel confident and bold.’”

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And Vanity Fair adds, “… [Simi explains]I’m looking forward to the new era of beauty,’ she says, sounding like someone excited by the promise of a night out. Together, they see themselves heralding ‘a new art form within the beauty space—and really focusing on products that make your life easier.”

If their new era involves products as stunningly beautiful and as thoughtfully designed as Capsule One – and it most certainly will – we’re in.