Six-Figure Salary and Skiing in Aspen? Dream Job Offers Everything

A new Travel + Leisure article has amazing news for those looking for a six-figure salary in Aspen, Colorado. A


A new Travel + Leisure article has amazing news for those looking for a six-figure salary in Aspen, Colorado. A job that offers a huge compensation package and requires on-the-job skiing? Sign us up! One catch though; you’re going to be a nanny. 

VIP families look for childcare

Jobs in Childcare is a premium job-matching agency that helps VIP and wealthy families find childcare of an excellent caliber. One job listing was to care for a 4-year-old boy in Aspen, and the perks are honestly amazing. The job listing reads in part, “A highly recommended client is seeking a highly experienced, qualified and professional Nanny/Governess to provide a caring, nurturing and learning environment for their young son.


The young boy is excelling in his learning and development. Having recently moved to the area he will soon be starting at the local nursery kindergarten. Next year he will be commencing at the local private school.”

Aspen is a dream job locale

Travel + Leisure shares the things you should absolutely not miss on a visit to Aspen:

  •  Skiing one of the slopes: Buttermilk if you’re a beginner, and Snowmass or Aspen if you want more of a challenge 
  • Going to one of the town’s great festivals, such as summer’s Aspen Music Festival and the Aspen Ideas Festival
  •  Browsing the Aspen Saturday Market, from June through October 
  • Hiking the “Grottoes,” the caves on Independence Pass, along the Roaring Fork River 
  • If you’re feeling bold, check out nearby Conundrum Hot Springs, known for clothing-optional swimmers

With stunning mountain vistas and beautiful weather, Aspen has become the vacation destination for the wealthy and choosy. 

Nanny job requires a lot, but offers great comps

The job listing explains the required duties and requirements; “As a Nanny/Governess you will be responsible for meeting all of the child’s daily needs and routines – wake up, mealtimes, cleanliness, play, development, education, schedules and bedtime duties. 

In addition to this, a background in education and early years would be beneficial to offer a homeschooling environment when required as well act as an appropriate role model/mentor to him to promote good manners, teach etiquette and promote learning at every opportunity.

The ideal candidate will be a qualified and experienced Nanny/Governess with experience of early years and primary education. Previous experience of working in private households (5 years +) is desirable. Speaking an additional language is also desirable – Spanish, Italian or French. The ability the ski or snowboard will be an advantage to your application.


The client is seeking a candidate who is committed, passionate, able to provide a nurturing caring environment whilst setting boundaries as required. 

The family comes highly recommend and this will be a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate.”

High pay for high demands


T+L shares, “On top of the perks that come with the job, the compensation might sound too good to be true: The salary will be in the six figures — no mere pittance for a capable, slope-shredding nanny. This role offers $120,000 to 135,000 per year plus frequent international travel and housing in Aspen, either in the family’s staff apartment or your own separate pad.”

Is this the job for you?

We’re just guessing that the family listing this opportunity will be pretty picky. But if this sounds like the right job for you, head on over and try your hand at applying. While four year olds are not exactly the easiest age group to manage, with the perks this job offers it sounds like it would all be worth it. 


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