A Skin Series With OneSixOne: Best Products And Practices For Radiant Youthful Skin

Back in May, CELEB had the opportunity to speak with Monica Alvarez, MPAP, PA-C, and Founder of oneSIXONE Medical Aesthetics

A Skin Series With OneSixOne: Best Products And Practices For Radiant Youthful Skin

Back in May, CELEB had the opportunity to speak with Monica Alvarez, MPAP, PA-C, and Founder of oneSIXONE Medical Aesthetics about her practice, services provided, and the desire for youthful, glowing skin. "oneSIXONE is actually derived from the golden mean ratio which is 1.618. It's basically the foundation of aesthetics," Alvarez explained in the story behind the name of her practice. She continued, "It's this idea that beauty, seen in nature, architecture, and aesthetics, that there are perfect ratios of 1.618 everywhere." This ratio is found in all areas of the face including, the distance between the brows, the volume of lips, the distance between eyes, and so on. Alvarez shared, "when we see something that is 'attractive' to us it's pretty much because those ratios are all as close to being as balanced as possible."

This time, CELEB caught up with Alvarez about the best products and practices to accomplish and maintain radiant youthful skin. She also shared with us not to do.

What You Think You’re Doing Right

Credit: Instagram / oneSIXONE

Finding the right skincare routine takes plenty of trial and error. It’s a journey of finding products that compliment you best and help you achieve the skin goals you’re reaching for. In the process of trying everything from cleansers to tools to the fad tricks we find on social media, it’s easy to get consumed into a blackhole of the no-so-good practices that we don’t know aren’t actually good. The oneSIXONE Founder shared with CELEB common mistakes she’s come across in people’s skincare routine.

“Less is more,” Alvarez tells her clients. She explained, “sometimes you can just do too much and it can just be too irritating. Or sometimes your products contain a lot of overlapping ingredients. If you’re doing many layers of moisturizers or too many hydrating serums, you know, they’ll have a lot of overlapping ingredients and sometimes it can be too irritating on your skin.”

Sharing more with CELEB, the Medical Aesthetics professional emphasized being careful around the eye area, specifically the eyelids. Also, be mindful when applying product to your neck. “The skin is a lot thinner there. And so, it can’t take on as much as the rest of the face,” explained Alvarez.

Do This Daily

Credit: Monica Alvarez

Now, you’re probably wondering ‘what exactly should I even be doing every day?’ and ‘How do I go about the trial and error process to find out?’ We’ve got you covered. Well, thanks to Monica of course. She shared with CELEB three of the most important items to put and keep in your daily routine:

  • Gentle daily cleanser
  • Vitamin C serum
  • Sunscreen every single day, minimum SPF 30

As for brands Alvarez recommends:

  • Medical grade skincare products – tested, studies behind them, effective, no harmful ingredients inside, won’t clog pores which cause breakouts
  1. SkinMedica
  2. Neocutis
  3. SkinCeuticals

For daily make-up wearers, be sure to put on your serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen before applying your concealer, foundation, and other products. Alvarez shared, “A general rule of them is, for layering products, the thinner or light serums first and then you go on and add the creams or heavier products" She added in, “Try to stick to a mineral-based makeup that says non-comedogenic so that it doesn’t clog your pores and cause break-outs. For the most part, mineral make-up is going to be better and gentler on your skin so it doesn’t cause any irritation or break-outs.”

Every Now And Again

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With your everyday routine comes those once [or twice if you’re loving yourself a little extra] a month major resets. Facials are known to be great for cleaning out pores and giving some oomf to your daily skincare routine, allowing products a better opportunity to penetrate the skin afterward. “HydraFacials are always really really good. It’s like an all-in-one,” shared Alvarez.

Sun Tanning, Sweating Or Swimming- Take This Advice

Credit: Instagram / oneSIXONE

“Stay out of the sun as much as possible,” Alvarez told CELEB. And no, she’s not saying to hide from the sun but, make efforts to avoid direct sun exposure for extended periods of time. She recommended bringing a big hat or an umbrella to create your own shade when there isn’t any around.

She continued to give advice, saying, “Make sure that you’re reapplying [sunscreen] every couple of hours if you’re going to be outdoors. If you’re getting in the water, if you’re getting in the pool and swimming, you definitely need to reapply at least, minimum, every hour.” She also told us about SPF protective clothing.

Taking care of your skin isn’t just about looking young forever, Alvarez concluded, “it’s harmful to your skin not only for aging purposes but it’s also damaging the skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer.” So with that being said, grab your sunblock, find a hat that compliments you and keeps your skin protected.