Enjoy A Drink With Sofi Tucker And the Beloved Brazilian Cachaça Novo Fogo

Novo Fogo is a carbon-negative company that produces USDA-certified 100% organic cachaças at its zero-waste distillery, in the heart of

Novo Fogo is a carbon-negative company that produces USDA-certified 100% organic cachaças at its zero-waste distillery, in the heart of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest, proving their passion for sustainability. Their production method puts humans and the environment first being an all-female distiller team and with their reforestation project, The Un-Endangered Forest. Continuing their legacy, Novo Fogo partnered with the Grammy-nominated duo SOFI TUCKER (Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern) to focus on product development and innovation, rainforest conservation initiatives, and more.

A Meaningful Difference With SOFI TUCKER


If you’re a stranger to SOFI TUCKER we’ve got you covered.

The duo’s sound is described as joyful. In fact, their musical style is heavily influenced by Brazil, initially shaped by Sophie’s time spent in Rio de Janeiro where she quickly fell in love with Brazil’s people, culture, and music. Portuguese lyrics flood many of their hit songs and include references from Brazilian poetry, as they collaborate often with the contemporary Brazilian poet Chacal.

Mirroring Brazil’s bright energy through their music, SOFI TUCKER was discovered to be a perfect fit for expanding Novo Fogo’s platform. CEO of the cachaça brand, Dragos Axinte states, “SOFI TUKKER is a global joy storm and I know that we will make a meaningful difference together.”

The high-energy pair will be sharing Novo Fogo’s reputation for environmental sustainability and lifestyle wellness with their famous “Freak Fam” and to everyone else beyond. As Chief Alegria Officers, (ChAOs) they will level up Novo Fogo’s influence on the world’s cocktail of choice as well as their opportunity to save the environment.


SOFI TUCKER says of the partnership: “We have a lot in common with Novo Fogo – we share a core love of Brazil, fun, and environmentalism. Cachaça is Tuck’s favorite drink and Soph doesn’t drink alcohol, but she’s still at the same party… both having the best time. This partnership works because Novo Fogo is so much more than cachaça and spirits; they are a powerful rainforest preservation steward, and we’re enthusiastic participants in the reforestation project The Un-Endangered Forest. So if you do decide to drink, we hope you’ll drink Novo Fogo because you’ll be planting trees in the Brazilian rainforest at the same time! We’re excited to help introduce this classic Brazilian drink to more people around the world.”

Joining a cluster of celebrity minority owners including U.S. soccer legends Stefan Frei, Kasey Keller, and Marcus Hahnemann, who all share a desire for bringing awareness to rebuilding forests, SOFI TUCKER will also join the Novo Fogo Tree-Keepers.

Zero Waste, Carbon Negative, All Love


Conservation is a core principle of Novo Fogo’s mission. “Novo Fogo is a carbon-negative company and the only independent craft cachaça brand to wholly own its distillery and sugarcane fields. The Novo Fogo distillery is a USDA-certified 100% organic sugarcane farm and zero-waste business on the coastline of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. In the marketplace, Novo Fogo’s brand team has pioneered health and wellness programs for bartenders since its inception, acting as a detox crew for cocktail festivals and industry gatherings,” as written in a public statement.

The brand’s reforestation project in Brazil has set out to save 36 species of trees from extinction with its Tree-Keepers program.

So, go ahead and “Find Your Own Brazilian Zen™” with a drink from Novo Fogo while dancing to the hits from SOFI TUCKER.