Soothe Your Wanderer’s Soul Like the Foo Fighters at Austin’s Hotel Saint Cecilia This Summer

If you find yourself in Austin or looking for a different kind of place to stay, consider Hotel Saint Cecilia.

Soothe Your Wanderer's Soul Like the Foo Fighters at Austin's Hotel Saint Cecilia This Summer

If you find yourself in Austin or looking for a different kind of place to stay, consider Hotel Saint Cecilia.

It's the perfect intersection between a luxury hotel and a boutique experience – bringing guests their own unique vacation, in the heart of Austin's most beautiful neighborhood.

In addition to the breathtaking beauty both inside and out at Hotel Saint Cecilia, guests will find themselves walking the same halls as several superstars – including the Foo Fighters, who penned the eponymous EP Saint Cecilia while holed up in the Austin gem.

Here's what you need to know about Hotel Saint Cecilia before you book your stay for the perfect summer getaway.

Rooms and Atmosphere

Arriving at Hotel Saint Cecilia feels like returning home. With beautifully landscaped grounds and the look of a classic southern manor, it draws you in and welcomes you with a charming smile.

Named for the patron saint of music and poetry, Saint Cecilia pays homage to the arts.

The rooms at Hotel Saint Cecilia are as different as their guests, embracing a vibe from the '60's and '70's when rock and roll and the poetic sung word challenged (and won over) the establishment.

Room options include five suites, six poolside bungalows and three studios espousing a love for the old-world atmosphere of the golden era of rock music, mixed with the comfort and luxury of the modern era.

The Grounds

While strolling the exclusive hotel property, open only to guests, what strikes you is how soothing and classic the overall vibe is.

It feels a little bit Los Angeles, a little bit Nashville – and all Austin.

A heated 50-foot lap pool plays centerpiece to the outdoor space, with the hotels iconic neon "SOUL" sign overlooking all of the fun.

Guests can enjoy a lending library or mini shoppe, but it's the sound of the hotel that may be the most evocative if you need your creative side to sing.

Strolling through the historic house feels like summoning the thoughts of the artists who strolled through before you. And the soft floorboard creeks and distant sounds of the city make it feel like a glorious retreat playing an ode to the creative's soul.

Star Power at Hotel Saint Cecilia

Many a creative genius has called Saint Cecilia home for a time to stoke their creative fires.

Stars to channel Saint Cecilia's artistic soul include:

  • Hunter S Thompson
  • Bill Boroughs
  • Anne Sexton
  • Foo Fighters – who famously stayed at Saint Cecilia while they wrote the lyrics for the aptly-named Saint Cecilia EP.

The hotel website shares its history; "Hotel Saint Cecilia was originally built in 1888 as the Miller-Crockett house, and is among the five remaining Victorian homes of twelve originally built along this stretch of the Colorado River. The home was occupied by a descendant of Davy Crockett, Leslie Crockett, and his wife Mary Ann Miller for over 60 years before it was converted into a Bed & Breakfast in the mid-nineties. Bunkhouse renovated and reopened the property as Hotel Saint Cecilia in 2008."

Saint Cecilia sits at the heart of the Travis Heights neighborhood in the center of Austin's rich creative history, one block from the South Congress district and home to the iconic Continental Club and other well-known venues that sing the song of the southern city's soul.