Spiegelworld Brings Wine & Dine ‘Superfrico’ to The Cosmopolitan Vegas

Spiegelworld, the world-famous live entertainment production company behind OPIUM, Absinthe and Atomic Saloon Show is bringing something new to Las


Spiegelworld, the world-famous live entertainment production company behind OPIUM, Absinthe and Atomic Saloon Show is bringing something new to Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas will be home to Superfrico, Spiegelworld‘s new play on fine dining, wine, and entertainment. It will be truly a night to remember for guests.

Superfrico Comes to The Cosmopolitan


Spiegelworld has done it again, creating an entertainment sensation that will draw guests in and give them a multi-sensory experience. Spiegelworld’s Impresario Extraordinaire, Ross Mollison has this to say about it in a press release, “People come to Vegas expecting the extraordinary. They want to be wowed; to see, do and taste things they’ve never seen, done or tasted before—and when they visit Superfrico, that’s exactly what they’ll get. Superfrico was born in Las Vegas, for Las Vegas, by people who truly love Vegas. Like the city itself, we’ve opened our doors to the world’s finest artists —each a master of their craft. It’s our ultimate, be-all, end-all, taste-all house party with questioning creatives everywhere you look—in the kitchen, behind the bars, inside the walls, under the bed—and you’re all invited.”

But what exactly is it? Superfrico is a boundaries-breaking, anything goes immersive dive into a fine dining experience that entertains on another level. When coming to Superfrico, you’ll enter the Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Tower, walking a fine line between the dining experience and OPIUM next door. The team promises that guests will find, “Superfrico’s multitude of interconnected, imaginatively themed bars, lounges and dining rooms and experience the lively ‘clusterflourish’ as performers come and go from their dressing rooms to the OPIUM Theatre the only way they can: through Superfrico’s kitchen and dining rooms.”

Guests will be dined, wined, and entertained by the world-leading team from Spiegelworld. And every night spent at Superfrico will be unique and invigorating, letting guests indulge in a culinary and artful masterpiece.

The Food and Art of Superfrico

The menu for Superfrico is as unique as the style. Spigelworld has tapped into, “… world-renowned culinary and cocktail supertalents for Superfrico, including ‘international pizza czar’

Chef Anthony Falco, Executive Chef Mitch Emge, ‘principal pourer’ Leo Robitschek of Make It Nice/Eleven Madison Park, and General Manager, Greisy Pacton, formerly of Giada and Gordon Ramsay Steak.”

And the items on the menu? Spiegelworld has taken a fun approach, calling their cuisine, “Italian-American-Psychadelic.” The food, “honors the recipes and traditions passed down by generations of Sicilian family cooks while taking fearless detours with ingredients and techniques. The result? An open-minded, all-senses-overloaded take on grandma’s favorites, sure to satisfy any craving, all night long—including Falco’s showcase selection of pizza perfection, fresh pasta dishes, steaks, seafood, small plates, signature desserts and late-night finales.”

And the art itself is something extraordinary. Dubbed Spiegelworld’s “curatorialpresario,” Heather Harmon worked closely with Superfrico‘s team to expand the Spiegelworld art collection, focusing on circus roots and hand-crafted, entirely unique, eclectic pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. The press release for Superfrico explains, “The first to be commissioned, serving as the DNA roadmap for Superfrico, is NY-based artist Adehla Lee’s Psycho Pop Party, a wild candy-colored acrylic painting intended to give the viewer a sense of visual pleasure through exposure to the fantastical. Over 20 original works in a variety of media, from illustration to neon, have been commissioned or acquired for the venue; all by internationally significant artists whose work has special resonance with the spirit of Superfrico.”

Superfrico will open its doors at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Sept. 24, 2021, the same date OPIUM returns. You can reserve your table now at

The Cosmopolitan’s 2021 Lineup


With this thrilling new addition to The Cosmopolitan, the 3,000-room resort has leveled up again. With a variety of casino, culinary, and hospitality amenities to delight guests, The Cosmopolitan has also lined up an impressive list of headliners for 2021. Performers and events upcoming at the Chelsea, the Cosmopolitan’s unique 40,000-seat theater, include:

  • Dane Cook: August 21.
  • Sech: August 28.
  • Death Cab for Cutie: September 15.
  • John Legend 2021: September 18.
  • Billy Idol: October 16, 17, and 22.
  • Old Dominion: November 5 and 6.
  • Dierks Bentley: December 10 and 11.

And for every event after September 24th, you can swing by Superfrico to delight your gastro senses first. But get your reservations now, there’s almost certain to be a long waiting list.