SpotOn Launches Retail Product to Help Indie Retailers Compete

In a world of big box chain stores, it’s hard to compete as a small retailer. SpotOn Retail is looking


In a world of big box chain stores, it’s hard to compete as a small retailer. SpotOn Retail is looking to even the playing field and make it easier for small business retailers to compete in the market, bringing tools for success. They compiled data about consumer shopping habits – and it’s an eye-opening look into the way people are choosing to spend money in a world that has changed over the past two years. 

Introducing SpotOn Retail


SpotOn Retail hopes to meet the needs of small business retailers floundering in a sea of box chain businesses. SpotOn Retail is the first, omnichannel solution built from the ground up for independent retailers to meet their needs selling online, on the go, or in stores. The platform comes with a fully-integrated business management solution that provides a comprehensive in-store and online catalog, a point-of-sale and an eCommerce site. All of these programs are managed through a single seamless intuitive dashboard that gives owners agility, access and total control. 

Part of what gives box chains the edge aside from endless inventory is access to a neverending staff to manage the complex ins and outs of a business. SpotOn provides a digital solution to many of the management problems that would otherwise need human attention, freeing business owners and managers to spend more time focusing on their products and customer interactions. It’s like a digital assistant, manager, and product optimization program rolled into one. 

What it Can Do for Indie Retailers


The goal of streamlining the behind-the-counter process is to allow owners more time and focus on reaching new customers and offering new ways to increase revenue, giving them the same integrated management that box chains take for granted. In a statement, the SpotOn Retail team writes, “

Today, business owners are forced to manage their eCommerce and in-store product catalogs separately. With SpotOn Retail, clients can now manage one integrated catalog that connects in-store and online stock through one intuitive dashboard, saving time and avoiding mistakes.

A business owner can determine all the necessary variables of a product or service and choose whether they are available in-store, online, or both, and easily publish to their in-store point-of-sale devices and eCommerce store from the dashboard – anytime, anywhere. Now retailers can sell unlimited products and services from anywhere and sync all sales with real-time stock management, automatically reconciling stock count across locations. The catalog gives retailers full control over their locations, sales channels, modes of shipping and delivery, as well as team member access, taxes, fees, discounts, and tipping.”

Other solutions provided by SpotOn Retail includes digital marketing, review management, and reporting tools to run and grow their business through data-driven decisions. Looking to run a seasonal promotion? Let SpotOn Retail help you bring it to life. The program provides easy-to-understand insights into product management and will help owners streamline the process of introducing new products, offering promotions, even advertising. 

With the SpotOn eCommerce site available to users of the Retail program, SpotOn can build a site from the ground up in just 40 hours. It comes with counter hardware, a POS system, and even integrates online inventory and in-store inventory so they don’t have to be handled separately. 

SpotOn is Spot On 


In order to determine what retailers need, SpotOn conducted a survey online through The Harris Poll including 2,053 adults. What the survey found is good news for retail store. Retail shopping has not slowed, despite the uncertainty of the past two years. Consumers spent a record $638 million at stores and restaurants in October, up 1.7% from September and 21% above pre pandemic levels.

And there’s even better news for small retailers from the survey: 72% of Americans would prefer to buy from an independent store rather than a national retailer if they were equally convenient and reliable. SpotOn Retail hopes to bridge the gap and make “equally convenient and reliable” a reality. Whether you’re a small retailer looking to expand your in-store offerings online, or an established hybrid system looking to optimize and grow, SpotOn Retail has created a program that can help you. SpotOn itself is “one of the fastest-growing software and payments companies with comprehensive, cloud-based technology for small, midsize, and enterprise businesses in the restaurant, retail, sports, and entertainment space.” Known for excellent customer service and industry-leading solutions, SpotOn is the perfect company to extend a helping hand for small businesses looking to take the leap. To learn more and look into getting SpotOn Retail to help your own business grow, visit the website