Star-Spotting: Here’s What Celebs Were Up To This Weekend

Celebrities are just like us. They go through their day-to-day lives with the same feelings, thoughts and experiences as everyone


Celebrities are just like us. They go through their day-to-day lives with the same feelings, thoughts and experiences as everyone else – just a little extra on the top. But there’s something exciting about seeing our favorites out and about and knowing they’re living lives in parallel to us. CELEB is taking a look at the weekend round-up of what some the headline-making celebrities were up to over the weekend. From Farrah Abraham and Megan Fox to Christie Brinkley and beyond, here’s your Star-Spotting roundup.

The Good

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Since it’s Monday, everyone needs to start the day with a feel-good story. Some of our celebs were out and about having fun – which everyone loves to see. Here are some of our favorite fun-time celeb sightings that happened over the weekend:

  • Megan Fox: Fox and now-fiancé Machine Gun Kelly have been making the news over the past year for being almost insufferably adorable, but in a very NSFW way. The saying, “there’s someone out there for everyone,” definitely applies here as they stride out with some unique relationship choices that include wearing each other’s blood in a vial, touching tongues for photo ops and sharing perhaps a bit too much detail about their love life. Last week, the couple went on a romantic getaway to Puerto Rico and drank each other’s blood, as one does when on a lover’s vacation – clearly. That’s when Kelly popped the question and of course Fox said yes. Or, “yes, now drink my blood,” probably. For the first vacation together as an engaged couple, they jetted off to Milan and Fox showed the world exactly what they could no longer have, in a breathtakingly beautiful black lace top. Fox and Kelly were seen at the Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2022 men’s fashion show, she in her sexy top with a black leather trench coat and he in a pinkish red sweater with black crystal touches. 
  • Chris Pratt: Pratt recently made waves in headlines after a Twitter post stirred criticism that he was being mean to ex-wife Anna Faris and their disabled son, Jack. Regardless of whether you feel like he was taking a stab at her or just complimenting his new wife, the internet definitely has feelings on Pratt. But Pratt has put the controversy behind him and was spotted out and about this weekend with expectant wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. On Sunday, Pratt, Schwarzenegger, his son Jack and their son Lyla were seen enjoying the beautiful weather in Brentwood, CA, at Brentwood Farmers’ Market. The pair looked adorable in matching black face masks and Jack – for all the internet’s concern – looked happy. 
  • Taylor Swift: Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn have been together for about four years now. Over the course of the pandemic, they’ve been spending more time together and it has inspired fans to start speculating about whether or not they’re getting ready to tie the knot. Those rumors kicked into high gear over the weekend as the pair boarded a plane and left for Cornwall together. Are they, or aren’t they? There’s still no confirmation about a proposal, but maybe if everyone crosses their fingers hard enough, we can get an answer.

The Bad

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Unfortunately, the weekend wasn’t all rainbows, shopping trips and romantic getaways. Some celebs had an unfortunate weekend, and here are some bad days of note:

  • Farrah Abraham: Abraham went out for a night of partying over the weekend that ended badly – very badly. The Teen Mom star was at a nightclub in Los Angeles when an altercation broke out. Abraham was escorted from the premises by a security guard, who she then slapped. The guard initiated a citizen’s arrest. Abraham shared a video on Instagram of the man holding her down with her hands tied behind her back. LAPD then arrived, arrested and booked her. Abraham has suggested that the altercation was a set-up, although not who has set it up. Charges have not been announced yet. In her Instagram post, Abraham explained in part, “… I’ve had a very traumatizing year and I don’t deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered. As a single mother to be harassed, battered, and conspired against as a paying customer @grandmaster_recorders should fire their management, and security for all contributing to attacking 1 person out of 3 people. ” 
  • Novak Djokovic: For fans who have been following Djokovic’s story in Australia, Sunday brought some heartbreak. The world champ tennis star had been battling the Australian government over his desire to attend the Australian Open. Djokovic is unvaccinated, and international is only permitted into Australia if you are vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption. Djokovic believed he was medically exempt after testing positive for COVID in December – but there were some irregularities around his paperwork. He was held at an immigration hotel and refused entry to Australia for a time. Then his Visa was temporarily reinstated. However, over the weekend his Visa was ultimately canceled and he was required to leave – forfeiting his participation in the Australian Open, and potentially the upcoming French Open if he remains unvaccinated. Djokovic was welcomed home to Serbia with a hero’s welcome, but his future in the tennis world is in flux as he sticks to his anti-vaccination guns. It’s possible the Australian government could ban him from the country for three years – dashing any hope of maintaining his world championship status. 

The Beautiful

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Some celebrities were just shining over the weekend – as stars do. This weekend was the weekend of older women showing that “old age” is nothing but a mindset. Here are the breathtaking beauties proving that with age comes wisdom – and beauty:

  • Christie Brinkley: Brinkley has long dominated headlines as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful. And when we say long, we do mean a long time – she’s 67. But that doesn’t mean her beauty has in any way faded, as she proved over the weekend with a breathtaking selfie. The model looked flawless in a black string bikini and playful coverup, applying some SBLA Lip Plump and Sculpt with a playful sideways glance at the mirror. 
  • Kate Walsh: Walsh is 54, but you would never guess it as the Grey’s Anatomy star stepped out in Western Australia looking fine over the weekend. The Emily in Paris star looked beautiful in a bikini on the breathtakingly beautiful Australian beach. Walsh has been spending a lot of time in Australia over the pandemic and with that beautiful blue backdrop – we can see why. But it’s hard to peel your eyes away from Walsh as she smiles confidently in the foreground. 

Celebrities are just people – but somehow, their weekends are so much more interesting than everyone else’s. Join us next Monday for another Star-Spotting event.