Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello’s Home Was Reportedly Broken Into While They Were Inside

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello OK?! That seems to be the question on everyone’s minds after news hit the

Stars Who Have Dealt With Trespassers Or Home Broken Into

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello OK?! That seems to be the question on everyone’s minds after news hit the web that the couple’s home was broken into while they were inside.

According to TMZ, the burglars entered the property using one of the windows but left as soon as they discovered that both singers were home. Although nothing was taken from inside their home, the robbers reportedly managed to get away with one of Mendes’ cars.

“Our sources say police were called and rushed to the house, but it was too late,” the outlet reported. “The suspects had already taken off in his Mercedes SUV. We’re told so far no arrests have been made, but LAPD is still investigating.”

We’re so glad neither of them got hurt! It turns out, they’re not the only stars who have dealt with trespassers over the years. Here’s all the other celebrities who have had their homes broken into…

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Posing

A man named Roger Alvarado broke into Taylor Swift‘s New York City apartment not once, but twice. According to reports, he “climbed a ladder and smashed a glass door to get inside.” No one was home either time, but he allegedly used her shower and slept in her bed. The scary act put him behind bars for nine months.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner had a scary incident in November 2019 when a man tried to get in her home. He reportedly broke into her gated community and knocked “aggressively” on her front door. The man, Brandon Sevilla Martinez, was sentenced to one year in jail and Jenner even got a restraining order against him.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Singer

A man named Pablo Tarazaga-Orero was convicted of stalking after he reportedly stood outside Harry Styles‘ home for months and pushing notes and money through his mail box. During his court case, the One Direction singer testified that he felt “scared” and “very uncomfortable” in his own home because of the situation. The man didn’t receive any jail time but was ordered to stay away from Styles, compete a 12-month community order and a 30-day rehab program. 

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson revealed during an interview that his Los Angeles home had been broken into, but thankfully, he wasn’t home at the time and they didn’t take anything of importance.

“I actually got robbed in LA,” he said. “I saw it on [my security cameras], those f**kers. They didn’t take anything sentimental. I haven’t actually been robbed since I was 10 years old.”

It’s unclear whether or not the robber got caught in the end.

Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff

In September 2019, news hit the web that a man illegally came onto Hilary Duff‘s property while she and her husband, Matthew Koma, were both home. He was reportedly “roaming around their backyard,” when the couple noticed and called 911. 

“Cops showed up to the residence and conducted a perimeter search, during which they found a window screen had been removed,” Radar Online reported at the time. “Luckily, the intruder never made it inside the house.”

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez had a scare in 2014 when an unidentified man broke into her guest house. He even reportedly rang her doorbell, and when a friend answered the door, he asked if the singer was home. She quickly called 911 and he was arrested and charged with burglary and trespassing.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Shade

Miley Cyrus‘ home was unfortunately broken into in 2014.

“A male and female scaled a fence to gain access to the property,” the LAPD said in a statement at the time. “They removed property including jewelry and a 2014 white, 4-door Maserati Quattroporte.”

According to reports, Cyrus’ assistant found things out of place at the star’s home and called the cops. Cyrus was away on tour at the time.

Kendall Jenner

Back in 2018, Kendall Jenner was forced to get a restraining order against a man named John Ford, who reportedly trespassed onto her property multiple times. He was later arrested, and during his court case, the judge called it a “scary situation” and a “true stalking case.”

“We now have a Criminal Protective Order and a Civil Harassment Protective Order against Mr. Ford. He is also being criminally prosecuted for stalking Ms. Jenner and trespassing on her property,” her lawyer said in a statement at the time.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Back in 2014, a 23-year-old fan named Qianying Zhao was reportedly arrested and charged with criminal trespass for breaking into Justin Bieber‘s home. The woman insisted that she knew the pop star and that she was there to attend his party, but that was not the case. Get this — she even allegedly slept in his bed! So freaky.

Gigi Hadid

According to reports, a man named Marcell Porter tried to get into Gigi Hadid‘s New York City apartment at least five times. He even allegedly sent her a series of scary messages on social media, including one that said, “I LOVE YOU. I KNOW EVERYTHING NOW… WAIT FOR ME SOULMATE.” He was arrested for stalking and burglary, and the model was reportedly so scared by the incident that she decided to move to a new home.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashianwas left traumatized after robbers broke into her Paris apartment in 2017 and robbed her at gunpoint. The burglars reportedly tied the star up and put her in a bathtub while they stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Us Weekly reported that a total of 10 suspects were charged, and that police insisted the crime was an inside job.

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