Halsey Just Cut All Her Hair Off — Uncover All The Other Stars Who Shaved Their Heads

Get ready to have your minds blown, people, because Halsey just cut all of her hair off, and boy, does

Halsey Bald

Get ready to have your minds blown, people, because Halsey just cut all of her hair off, and boy, does she look different now! Yep, she debuted the shocking ‘do on Monday, October 19 via Instagram, and we almost didn’t recognize her with her drastic new looks!

“Just in time for beanie weather,” the singer captioned a shot that showed off her buzzed cut.

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just in time 4 beanie weather

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Wow, talk about a major change. And it turns out, she’s not the only star who has shocked us all by shaving all of her hair off. From Kristen Stewart to Cara Delevingine, here’s all the other female stars who have said goodbye to their luscious locks over the years…

Joey King

King cut all her hair off for her role in The Act. And she told Allure that she was not nervous about shaving it off.

“I’ve never really had an attachment to my hair. I couldn’t care less what happens to it,” she explained. “No part of me was nervous or was second-guessing it. So many people would ask me, ‘Are you really scared?’ or ‘Are you nervous?’ or say, ‘You’re so brave.’ And I’d go, ‘I’m not brave. I’m just cutting my hair off.’”

Millie Bobby Brown

Brown shaved her head for Stranger Things, and she described it as the “most empowering” thing she ever did.

“The day I shaved my head was the most empowering moment of my whole life. The last strand of hair cut off was the moment my whole face was on show and I couldn’t hide behind my hair like I used to,” she wrote on Instagram. “The only image I had in my head about what I could possibly look like is Charlize Theron in Madmax. As I looked at myself and couldn’t see my old self, I realized that now; I have a job to do and that is to inspire other girls that your image or exterior part is not what I think is important. What I find important is caring, loving and inspiring other girls. Thought to share my thoughts during this life changing moment.”

Kristen Stewart

After Stewart got rid of her long locks for her role in Underwater, she explained on The Today Show that she loved her new look.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time for novelty’s sake, just because at some point in your life you want to be able to do that,” she  revealed. “It feels amazing – I just want to headbang all day!”

Amandla Stenberg

Fans were pretty shook when Stenberg debuted a buzzed cut in 2017. It turns out, she shaved her head for the movie Where Hands Touch.

“I just finished working on a film called Where Hands Touch directed by the incredible @iammaasante.

The story is about the experience of biracial children growing up in Nazi Germany,” she shared on Instagram at the time. “I shaved my head for the role. Feels really good. I feel so aerodynamic now. I’ve achieved ultimate speed.”

Cara Delevingne

The model shaved her head after she learned she was going to play a cancer patient in the movie  Life in a Year. She told Elle Magazine, “Before I even got the project, I said to the director, ‘I want to shave my head for it.’ My agents and managers were like, ‘Please don’t! Why would you do that?’”

“When it’s a part like that — especially when it’s about cancer — I needed to feel what it would be like to have no hair,” Delevingne continued. “The way you look, I think, it’s so important to feel beautiful, no matter if you have hair. It doesn’t matter at all.”

Keke Palmer

Palmer didn’t cut her locks off for a role, but instead, because she felt that her hair was damaged.

“My texture has changed quite a bit over the years from all the things I’ve done to it. I really want to be able to let my hair rest and become it’s own thing,” she told Refinery29.

Katy Perry

The entire internet went into a frenzy when Perry revealed that she had shaved her head in 2017. A source told HollywoodLife at the time, “The main reason she chopped all her hair off was that she wanted to do something drastic like a tattoo or this after her recent breakup with Orlando [Bloom], she just wanted to change things up because it made her feel good to let off some steam and do something for herself and she wanted to feel independent and making a change like this with her hair fulfilled those urges.”


In December 2019, P!nk let everyone know that she had cut all her hair off via Instagram! “Letting go,” she captioned the shot, which showed her holding her long hair in her hands.

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Letting Go

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Annasophia Robb

Robb showed off her short hairdo for the first time in November 2019.

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New hairs. Who dis?

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“New hairs. Who dis?” she wrote. Wow, how amazing does she look?!

Jessie J

Jessie J had a very touching reason behind why she shave her head. Get this — she cut it all off as part of the fundraising drive for the 2013 Comic Relief. After cutting it, the singer said she felt “weird” but “liberated.”

Britney Spears

Back in 2007, Spears famously made headlines for chopping all her hair off, after he ex-husband Kevin Federline didn’t let her see their kids.

Tiffany Haddish

Haddish shaved her head in September 2020, and she loves the new look!

“Just loving my new look thought I’d share it with y’all,” she wrote on Instagram. “The best part is when water hits my head, it feels like kisses from God.”