Unbelievable: This Interviewer Asks The Right Questions At The Right Time

Steven Franz, known as ‘The Original Downtown Interviever’, has a wild and impressive CV. His most recent success is his

Steven Franz

Steven Franz, known as ‘The Original Downtown Interviever’, has a wild and impressive CV. His most recent success is his series of interviews, where he asks people the right questions in front of nightclubs, bars, or just the streets. Honest situations, resulting in very honest answers.

There’s no doubt that social media has become quite a norm, and it has the power to make anyone go viral for even the most mediocre endeavors. However, in the light of all these influencers, Franz’ personality stands out. His charisma and bold moves are pushing him in the right direction.

With a talent to go viral with a range of different content, whether it’s pranks or his interviews, the young Texan has become a well know personality on social media and Youtube.

Breaking Records As A Teenager

Steven Franz

Steven Franz is in his mid-twenties, living his life to the fullest. After and early graduatinon from university, Franz worked for congress in Washington DC, as well as the Texas State Government, and has been a part of the Federal Government. However, he left the offices behind to travel the world following his gut. This started an enthralling journey and decided to take people on the ride through social media.

Franz is a licensed scuba diver and a skydiver. He actively challenges his mind and body through endurance sports. It is evident from his achievements as the youngest man to win California’s Ironman title. He has also finished the Texas 100-mile ultra marathon as the youngest male in history.

Quite a few of today’s so called content creators were once small-time individuals who have followed their gut and turned out to make it big. Steven decided to take that leap of faith and embark on a self-exploration journey with the power of a post to connect with the millions.

No Taboos: The Downtown Interviews

Steven Franz

In his interview series, Franz asks the right questions to the right crowd. Enthusiastic groups, that just left their favourite bar, are happy to give their take on questions such as ‘Does size matter?’ Or share ‘Their worst sex experience.’ However, explicit content isn’t his forte as much as it is inspiring people.

But it’s videos like these that go viral within hours and days, proving one thing: people want to know what other people think. A curiosity that’s only human and fully justifies Steven Franz niche.

Franz is planning on diversifying his content with a team of videographers, photographers, assistant, and an editor. Especially his affinity to extreme sports has a large audience gathering for more.