From ‘Stranger Things’ to Minnie Pearl, Graduate Hotels Promise a Quirky and Unique Vacation

There are a lot of hotels out there. Standing out from the crowd requires creativity and thought, appealing to guests

From 'Stranger Things' to Minnie Pearl

There are a lot of hotels out there. Standing out from the crowd requires creativity and thought, appealing to guests without being too gimmicky, and meeting them where they're at in their travel journey.

One hotel brand manages to stand out from peers, push the envelope, and create something entirely new and quirky; Graduate Hotels. Built with adventure and experience in mind, the Graduate Hotels properties sit in the heart of over 30 university towns across the world, harnessing local flavor with a little something extra.

Whether you dream of staying in the Stranger Things or Big suites or want to enjoy a room that's adorably mismatched – Graduate Hotels has what you're looking for.

Stranger Things are a’Brewin’

In Bloomington, Indiana, fans of the Stranger Things series will find the vacation of their dreams.

Kick back in Joyce Byers' living room, complete with vintage floral wallpaper, a pull-out couch and yes – the Christmas lights. But don't be surprised if the Christmas lights appear to have a mind of their own.

The hotel explains, "Next door, the Wheeler’s basement is just what you’d expect, wood-paneled walls and all. You’ll feel like part of the party with oversized walkie talkies and a collection of retro board games. If you’re up for it, start a game of Dungeons & Dragons—you can even wear Will’s purple wizard cloak to really get into character. Plus, these ‘80s inspired digs have a king bed for ultimate relaxation.

Please note, this ’80s-inspired room doesn’t have a twenty-first century television, so bring your laptop or tablet if you want to binge the show during your stay."

Guests who book the Upside-Down Experience Package will be given a Polaroid camera to snap pics during their stay, bikes to explore the city (because of course), two tickets to the WonderLab Science Museum and a special Eggo snack.

For more information or to book your stay in the suite, click here.

Think Big

For another sweet flashback suite, guests can book The Loft in Graduate Roosevelt, located in New York, NY.

Inspired by Josh Baskin's loft in the '80's hit film Big, The Loft brings your Gen X and older Millennial childhood dreams to life.

From the furniture and bedding to the decor, the space is an homage to a nostalgic throwback and is perfect for families – or just fun-loving adults who want a getaway.

A Unique Stay for Unique Guests

The Big and Stranger Things suites are exactly the kind of quirky fun guests can expect across all Graduate Hotels properties.

Every boutique Graduate hotel embraces the local flavor but still sets itself apart from other nearby hotels. The interior decor is unique, the style, the theme, the overall vibe – you won't find what Graduate offers anywhere else, except maybe in the heart of the movies and television series they bring to life in living color.

The hotel describes their mission as the place where, "the school of life meets your favorite place to stay."

It's not just a fun and relaxing place to lay your head at night though; each hotel lies at the center of a hub of activity and adventure, which the staff is happy to guide you through whether you're in town for the first time or are just back for a visit.

And food is another thing Graduate does better than the competition; guests can enjoy selections from Umami Burger, Krispy Rice, Sam’s Crispy Chicken, EllaMia, Cicci Di Carne, Kumi, Soom Soom, In a Bun, The Other Side, and more.

Every stay at a Graduate Hotel will feel like a completely new experience while also offering the exquisite service and comfort of the brand, making it the hotel you'll always look for before booking in a new city.