CELEB-Worthy Summer Skincare Tips From Aesthetics Expert Dr. Rahi

Summer is finally near and we have the perfect skincare recipe. CELEB speaks with Dr. Rahi, a Beverly Hills skincare and

Dr. Rahi

Summer is finally near and we have the perfect skincare recipe. CELEB speaks with Dr. Rahi, a Beverly Hills skincare and aesthetics expert. Dr. Rahi is a household name in the world of integrative and anti-aging medicine in Los Angeles and New York City. Known for her innovative services, her program includes both cosmetic rejuvenation and inner health. Here, Dr. Rahi offers her favorite procedures, vitamin recommendations and summer skincare tips to get you ready to feel like the best version of yourself.

Dr. Rahi’s Top Five Supplement Recs

Dr. Rahi

On the advisory that everybody is different, Rahi doesn’t make a standard recommendation, as she advises on a more individualized basis. However, she lays out some general advice. “Most people are deficient in Vitamin D,” says Rahi. “If you have any chronic medical problems or any medical issues, I would consult with your doctor before starting any supplements. You’ll want to recheck your labs to know where your level is at so you dose yourself appropriately.”

She suggests magnesium as another important supplement. “Again, magnesium is super important—we’re mostly deficient in magnesium and it has so many functions in the body. I recommend most people replace and supplement their daily magnesium. You should be careful though, because the most common magnesium you can get from drugstores is magnesium oxide and that’s magnesium with the least absorption. So ensuring that your magnesium is either glycinate, bisglycinate, citramate, all those that are not the oxides are usually much better absorbed.” Rahi then adds coenzyme Q10 as another important supplement. She describes it as one that helps with cellular energy, and it’s an antioxidant that helps ‘clean up cells.’

Fish oil or vegan fish oil is another one of her recommendations, which benefits your cholesterol. “It can help with depressive symptoms, just make sure you get a clean supplement. I like the fish oil from Nordic Natural (Nordic Natural Fish Oil) and they have a vegan fish oil, too. Additionally, Rahi mentions turmeric as one of her favorites. “Overall, it can help decrease inflammation in the body. There are also studies tat show that it can help with gut functions.”

Dr. Rahi’s Top Summer Tips

Dr. Rahi

Summertime happens to be the season where people want to look their best. Getting that ‘summer bod’ ready for vacation and relaxation is usually the norm. However, it’s equally important to make sure that you take care of your body while trying to look your best. Dr. Rahi shares some of her key ingredients to being #summerready.

“Drink lots of water.” Rahi says that this is important all year round, of course, but especially if it’s really hot. She likes to drink 1 to 2 full glasses of water in the morning with lemon. This helps you not only wake up your body, but it also really turns your metabolism on.

Sunscreen is also your best friend. Rahi recommends using the Skinceuticals Sunscreen, a mineral sunscreen, with tans. “Using sunscreen on the face is important but I also like to allow my skin to have some sun because you want to ensure that you get some Vitamin D from the sun. Although, I haven’t really seen anybody that has got all their Vitamin D levels from the sun. I find that taking Vitamin D supplements is important because most people’s levels are not optimal.

And in terms of looking good and feeling good for the summer, I would consider any aesthetic procedures and plan that out with the time you’re getting sun exposure. Because with certain procedures you don’t want to expose your face to the sun directly.” She then adds on her advice of avoiding the face and neck, but says that exposing the rest of the body is good to get that Vitamin D consumption.

Recurring Treatments

Next, Dr Rahi takes us through some treatment options.

Chemical peels. “Chemical peels are great; they really help resurface the skin. I really like them, I do them every three weeks on my face and neck, and sometimes my body as well. You want to turn over the skin and allow the newer skin to come through. It will help with fine lines and wrinkles, and it will help maintain your skin as well.”

Microneedling. “Even if you just space it out every two or three months. It’s great great because it helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. And it helps tighten the pores, and it’s an important procedure for maintenance of overall skin vitality.”

Neurotoxin. “It’s just like Botox and Dysport, every three to four months. I like to inject myself every five to six months, for a natural look. But some people like it every three months.”

Lip lines. Those fine lines around our lips that are also known as ‘smile lines’ also have several maintenance procedures that you can consider. “You can do Botox, that will help. You can do a little bit of filler that’ll help with the fine lines around the lips. And again, microneedling and chemical peels will also help that. Usually when you think of a certain problem in aesthetics like a wrinkle or something you want to correct, it’s usually multi modality in order to achieve natural results.

More About Dr. Rahi

Dr. Rahi

Dr. Rahi has clinics in Beverly Hills and New York City, but her clientele is worldwide, seeking her variety of treatments that include anti-aging and regenerative medicine, supplements, IV drips, hormone testing, fillers, innovative radio frequency treatments, and more. Instead of just pushing for ‘quick fixes,’ Dr. Rahi treats her patients on a more holistic approach. She offers nutritional roadmaps, advice for stress reduction and supplements. 

With an aim to offer customized treatments to her patients and to bring them optimum health and happiness, Dr. Rahi ensures long-lasting results. For more information on Dr. Rahi’s procedures or consultations, visit her website doctorrahi.com.