Vera Wang’s PARTY Prosecco Is Blossoming This Summer With A Touch Of Rosé

Vera Wang inspires her audience to express themselves. “Feeling good and confident is the secret to looking your best. Fashion


Vera Wang inspires her audience to express themselves. “Feeling good and confident is the secret to looking your best. Fashion allows us to show our individuality. I’ve always prioritized and encouraged this as a designer. Whatever you wear, make it uniquely YOU and own that look,” she says. Previously, the thriving designer expressed herself by adding a pop of neon and a touch of sparkle to her work. The bright ambiance of neon “signifies fun, modernity, youthfulness and energy” according to Ms. Wang. And, adding some glitter to your look with a gracefully sequined dress or a glamorous statement accessory will only elevate your style more.

In November 2021, Vera Wang took things a step beyond clothing with her new sparkling prosecco, PARTY. The bottle is shiny silver with a neon yellow label. Its fabulous design compliments and spices up any look you put together for your next celebration.

Now, taking on the bright summer months, Ms. Wang has launched the first expansion of PARTY, a prosecco rosé.

Sparkling This Summer With A Hint Of Floral

"I am excited to introduce PARTY's newest wine just in time for summer. The Prosecco Rosé is extremely versatile and pairs well with all of your favorite seasonal cuisines – barbecue, seafood, al fresco brunch – and entertaining occasions," says Vera Wang. "Prosecco isn't just for special occasions. Whether you are celebrating by yourself as a party of one, or with friends, PARTY is about toasting the every day."

This light and crisp war-weather sip is packaged in the brand's signature chic, sleek matte silver bottle with "PARTY" in a pink hue and a matching ombre.

"PARTY Prosecco Rosé is crafted from 90 percent Glera and 10 percent Pinot Noir grapes harvested in the province of Vincenza in the Veneto region of northern Italy," reads the press release. This sparkling ray of sunshine in a bottle carries a subtle floral aroma with undertones of redberry, its palate consisting of ripe strawberry and raspberry notes.

It's retailed at $25 and can be purchased at

What Is This PARTY All About?

To craft this extravagant prosecco Vera Wang searched for a winemaker with heritage and pedigree. She found herself at the top winemaking region, Piemonte. She also traveled to Araldica. Piemonte is known for its sparkling wines and Araldica is the producer of the best-selling Moscato in America. PARTY is crafted from 100 percent Glera grapes. It possesses aromas of apple and stone fruit. It consists of citrus notes and fresh acidity on the palate, with a soft and fruity finish.

Vera Wang PARTY is a premium Italian prosecco made for celebrating life’s moments, big and small.” It’s sleek matte silver bottle with “PARTY” in bold neon yellow letters represents everything Vera Wang stands for when it comes to being “uniquely YOU.”