Super Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Launches Ethical Beauty Line

The 35-year-old United kingdom Victorias Secret Model,  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has announced that in the Month of August 2021 she will be

Rosie Huntington

The 35-year-old United kingdom Victorias Secret Model,  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has announced that in the Month of August 2021 she will be taking on a new role as founder and chief creative director of Rose Inc. The brand has been confirmed a focus on the ethics of skincare and beauty as well as completely attainable looks for women of all ethnicities and walks of life.

Huntington will work closely with the master of creating success for newcomer brands, Caroline Hadfield. The brand includes features that exemplify what modern-day women are starting to look for when it comes to their skin and the products we decide are safe. Through education, interviews, and tutorials, Rose Inc. has thought of it all and has come together to form a unique brand sensitive to what its buyers define as beauty.

Model to Beauty Mogul

Rosie Huntington

For Rosie Huntington-Whitely stepping into the world of make-up and skincare was an obvious next step. As a sought-after and successful Super Model for the past 16 years, not a day went by that Rosie wasn’t learning new ways to feel beautiful. Keeping note of products, reactions, and results, Huntington like many other actresses and models couldn’t help but notice how different products feel and reacted on her skin. Ethics and purity in products became important to Huntington and thus brought her to this point in her life of sharing all of her experience, tips, and trick for women as they transform themselves into the type of beauty they want to see.

“For me, beauty is in everything. It isn’t just how we look but more so in the way we that we feel and make other people feel who are around us who get to see the result of a product. There is something so empowering about how a beauty product can make us feel and how we feel can affect how someone else feels”. ~Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Rose Inc.

Rose Inc. has yet to showcase its products however the inside scoop is enough to excite our fellow beauty lovers. The launch will include the essentials to a complete make-up routine with many additional products and brands that are suggested by Huntington herself on the official Rose inc. Site. The launch will be entitled “Modern Essential Collection” including,

1. Soft-light Luminous Hydrating Concealer in (20) different shades.

2. Lip Sculpting Amplifying Lip Color.

3. Brown Enriched Eyebrow Shaping Gel.

4. Blush Divine Radiant Lip and Cheek Color.

5. Radiant Brightening Serum.

6. Skin Resolution Clarifying Toner.

Rose Inc. guaranteed the use of 100% non-comedogenic formulas that include nourishing bioengineered botanical a safe ingredients that have been developed by Amyris. Vitamin E, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and plant-based derivatives are only a few of the organic make-ups of the brand. The interior of the products is not where the Rose Inc. team has ended their desire to be separate from other brands. The team has also created packaging that is safer for the environment, uses less PCR plastic, and eliminates over 2,000 toxic ingredients.

Release Date and Locations

Rosie Huntington

Rose Inc. Has announced a release date and store specification for the upcoming line “Modern Essentials Collection” and the debut exclusively will take place on August 27th on and A special option for those of us who just can’t wait is available on August 20th for exclusive purchasing and August 24th for registered members of the official site.

The line will range from $18-$72 dollars and can be purchased as a single product or as a set. Rose Inc. offers an array of tips, tricks, and suggestions for beauty lovers from Rosie herself after experiencing the best make-up artists, skin-care professionals, and hairstylists in the business. The site features exclusive interviews, shopping, education, and tutorials for women in all stages of life. There is always something to learn about the beauty and it starts here, at Rose Inc.