Superbowl Commercials of 2022 That Had Us Literally LOLing

Although not everyone will agree with this, it’s not a lie to say that you can remove the playing of


Although not everyone will agree with this, it’s not a lie to say that you can remove the playing of football from the Superbowl and many people will still find themselves crowding their television for the halftime show performance and the commercials.

We’ve compiled a list of the funniest Superbowl commercials of 2022 in anticipation of this year’s laughs.

The Commercials Are The Best Part – Don’t @ Us

Superbowl commercials do a great job of passing the time in between game plays and quarters and making sure nobody gets up from the couch. Last year’s commercials were filled with celebrities including Pete Davidson, Scarlett Johansson, Serena Williams, and more.

Davidson was seen in the hilarious Hellman’s Mayo commercial which focused around “tackling” food waste. Former NFL player, Jarod Mayo, took down the SNL star to stop him from throwing away his leftovers.

Johansson starred in a commercial for Amazon’s Alexa with SNL star Colin Jost. The two gave a glimpse into their married life if they existed in a world where Alexa was capable of reading their minds.

Another good laugh came from stars including Jennifer Coolidge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Trevor Noah, and Nicholas Braun in the Uber Eats: Uber Don’t Eats commercial.

The brand advertised its delivery service of items that aren’t food but televised the stars trying to eat them anyways, being a bit confused by their package titled “Uber Eats.”

Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd gave us a good laugh as they took a trip down memory lane with a bag of Lay’s potato chips. Their “gold memories” were unlocked with every bite bringing them to reflect on all the times the snack food has saved them from harm, discovered romance, and ultimately brought them together. So cute.

Another Year of ROTFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing)

We are days away from yet another Superbowl celebration the excitement for the commercials (and the game) is high.

According to Fox, securing just 30 seconds of commercial time costs as much as $7 million. This year ads will feature athletes, actors, musicians, and more!

So, if you haven’t made any plans yet, get yourself together because it’s time to get an ab workout this Sunday from all the laughs to come.