Sustainable Stocking Stuffers Perfect For The Environmentalist In Your Life

Stocking stuffers are a must but they don’t have to be a waste. It’s no longer the era for cheap


Stocking stuffers are a must but they don’t have to be a waste. It’s no longer the era for cheap trinkets that end up as dust collectors and become unnecessary waste. Although gag gifts are fun and easy fillers, instead give something of quality that doubles as eco-friendly. Goodgoodgood compiled a list of [affordable] sustainable stocking stuffers that caught our attention, with items lower than $15.

Sustainable Stuffers That Won’t Break the Bank

  1. RONXS Rechargeable Electric Lighter – a great alternative to fuel-based disposable lighters.
  2. Reusable Produce Bags – get one with a punny graphic for extra smiles
  3. Conscious Step Socks – we always end up getting or receiving socks anyways so why not make it count by gifting a sustainable brand that gives back to rainforests, oceans, and animals?
  4. The Capsule from Cadence – for the travel bug you know who is trying to minimize their carbon footprint and maximize space in their bag. This handy capsule allows them to customize their toiletry needs (ex. facial cleanser or shampoo) by only including what they need.
  5. Fresh Cut Flower Tote from Uncommon Goods – Reduce plastic waste with this reusable flower tote.

That Person You Spend A Bit More On

  1. Carter Everywhere Mug – leave the disposable cups behind.
  2. Parachute Slippers – free from harmful substances that can be dangerous to the plant as well as people.
  3. Reusable Silicone Bags – say goodbye to Ziploc bags and hello to saving the environment from plastic waste.
  4. LARQ Filtered Water Bottle – what makes this reusable water bottle so great is its portable water filtration system that improves taste and removes any lead, heavy metal, chlorine, and particulates from tap water.
  5. Solgaard Watch – save the ocean from five pounds of plastic by purchasing this watch.

Which sustainable items are you adding to your gift giving list?