SXSW Free ‘Kids Innovation Camp’ Sculpts Next Generation of Creators

Every year, the world’s keenest minds gather together for SXSW. It’s a meeting of today’s greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists,

SXSW Free ‘Kids Innovation Camp’ Sculpts Next Generation of Creators

Every year, the world’s keenest minds gather together for SXSW. It’s a meeting of today’s greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, tech gurus and more – experts from all walks of life across multiple disciplines that meet to sculpt the future. SXSW is also a window into what the next generation plans to bring to life, and a free Kids Innovation Camp at SXSW helps craft the next movers and shakers. In apt collaboration with the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin, this year’s Kids Innovation Camp is a chance for kids of all means to explore their potential and get in line to be the next voices of tomorrow. 

Kids Innovation Camp


When it comes to gathering kids together to help them explore their potential and stretch their creative wings, there’s always one problem: income inequality. Genius creators come from all walks of life, but historically many low-income kids are left out of the equation as they lack access to some of the camps, programs and schools that hone their abilities and provide job skills specific to their interests.

The SXSW MOIC Kids Innovation Camp bridges the gap: the event is free, opening up opportunities for kids who would otherwise be left behind. It’s a vital acknowledgement in a fast-paced world of entrepreneurship that to find tomorrow’s innovators, we have to create opportunity first. Here’s what you should know about the camp:

  • The camp runs March 14-18 at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin, TX alongside SXSW.
  • The camp promises opportunities to explore creative processes in innovation, entrepreneurship, science and design.
  • The camp is open to 300 families with children ages 5-16 at no cost, each child accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • During the camp kids will engage in activities that include science experiments and improvisation, while learning to design an exhibit for MOIC.
  • The goal is to send children home with the know-how to create their very own Museum of Ice Cream from conception to launch. 
  • Because it’s at MOIC, of course there will be ice cream themed events – including making ice cream, learning about the history, creating a toy with Clixo magnets and more.
  • Kids will also learn how to speak confidently in front of a group, to help pitch their MOIC business plans and learn to be leaders.

For tickets or more information, visit the website

Night at the Museum (of Ice Cream!)


Alongside the SXSW Kids Innovation Camp, the MOIC is launching an adults-only experience you won’t want to miss. Head to the Museum of Ice Cream Austin to enjoy a Night at the Museum:

  • No kids allowed! This adults-only experience was cooked up in collaboration with Hecho Tequila Soda and Kin Euphorics. 
  • Running March-May, Night at the Museum is happening every Friday and Saturday night, starting March 11. Hours are 8PM-10:30PM. 
  • Every month, Night at the Museum guests get a chance to sample a new Sundae of the Month created by a celebrity chef, starting with Chef Jam Sanitchat. 
  • Enjoy top ice cream chef events and participate in “cone”-ection challenges.
  • Enjoy some boozy cocktails at the Sprinkle Pool dance party.
  • Indulge in some Hecho Tequila Soda and Kin Euphorics mocktails.

Visit the MOIC website for tickets and more information. MOIC ATX invites guests playfully along to enjoy a night of fun with “modern Willy Wonkas” and delight your taste buds as you get some time away from the kids in ice cream heaven. 

SXSW 2022


At SXSW, leaders in a variety of creative and innovative industries meet to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and plan for tomorrow. This year’s lineup is a powerful reflection of the disruptive years we’ve recently navigated, and how the world is focused on coming back stronger and better than ever. Here are some of the noteworthy events for SXSW to know about:

  • It all kicked off Friday March 11 with a night of music and tech. “The Alter” launched at 8AM and a Blockchain Creative Lab kicked off an hour lady. Throughout the day, a series of on-stage performances, conferences and labs saw the week start on a good foot.
  • Saturday March 12 saw more performances and exhibitions, including food events – the perfect way to spend a cool Saturday in Austin.
  • Sunday March 13 – Events of note included an exhibit by Dolby, an NFT meet-up and more.
  • Monday March 14 – Today’s events include a number of film screenings including The Cow, Boycott and more. Films cover everything from geopolitical, racial equity, and tech innovations to athletics and everything in between. 
  • Events for March 15-18 will see more film screenings, more musical performances, exhibitions and interactive events.

At SXSW, if it’s creative – it’s welcome. It’s one of the year’s biggest festivals to celebrate the potential of the human mind, and the way we connect with the world around us. Whether you’re there to laugh, listen to music, screen a film, learn about a technology advance or any other number of creative pursuits – SXSW is here for it all.