Michelle Obama DNC 2020

Michelle Obama DNC 2020 Speech

This year’s Democratic National Convention is unlike any other, as it is being done without an audience and with speakers video conferencing in due to

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Privately Worries Joe Biden Might, ‘F— Things Up’

The famous “bromance” friendship between former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama became a source of hilarious memes in 2017, a year

Donald Trump

Birtherism 2.0? Donald Trump Claims Kamala Harris May Not Qualify for VP

What year is it? This is what some may wonder as remarks made by President Donald J Trump in a recent interview recall the years

Kamala Harris

Who Is Kamala Harris and What Does She Bring to Biden’s Team

In a year full of changes, 2020 has brought us another first. As Joe Biden announced his pick for vice president yesterday, Kamala Harris becomes

Kanye West is running for president

Kanye West- I Will Spoil The 2020 Election To Re-Elect Donald Trump

Kanye West has had quite an interesting last month. This began with him announcing he was running for President at the upcoming election with his #2020Vision


Kanye West Officially Confirms Vice President Pick

For quite a few weeks now, Kanye West has made the world aware that he plans on running for President of the United States of


Kanye West Issues Apology To Kim, Claims He’s Beating Biden

Kanye West had quite the interesting past seven days which have ended with him issuing a public apology to wife Kim Kardashian. Kanye’s Week He


Kanye West Twitter Rant—Kim Kardashian Tried To Lock Me Up, Kris Jenner Is Not Allowed Around My Children

Yesterday, we reported that Kanye West held his first Presidential campaign rally. Amongst many bizarre comments- not to mention a good deal of tears- he noted that


Kanye West Reveals ‘I Almost Killed My Daughter’ At Presidential Campaign Rally

While Kanye West has become known recently for holding a “Sunday Service” each week, today he decided to put that aside in order to hold

Kanye West Twitter

Kanye West Is Running For President To Help Donald Trump Win

Unless you’re living under a rock at this point, you’ve likely heard that Kanye West has announced that he is running for President against Donald