George Floyd

One Year After the Murder of George Floyd: What’s Changed?

It’s been one year since the murder of George Floyd. One year since the desperate gasp of a dying man was heard ’round the world,

George Floyd

George Floyd: Derek Chauvin 3rd Degree Murder Charges DROPPED

A judge in the case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has made a decision to dismiss one charge. Chauvin, accused of killing George

Chrissy Teigen Kitson

Chrissy Teigen Faces Blackmail Accusations By Kitson Amidst Star’s Tremendous Loss

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have had a rough week, to say the least. The beloved celebrity couple experienced something no one ever hopes to

Breonna Taylor

Breaking: Announcement Made in Breonna Taylor Case

Friends, family, and supporters of Breonna Taylor have been anxiously awaiting this day. The Grand Jury announced charges today, and in a press conference by

Breonna Taylor

Louisville Boards up, Bracing for Unrest As Decision on Breonna Taylor Case to be Announced

It’s been seven months since police officers shot into an apartment, killing who they thought was a suspect taking shots at them with a rifle.

Black lives matter where is the money going?

Black Lives Matter – CELEB Investigates Just Where Your Donations Are Going

Inarguably one of the biggest movements garnering attention in 2020 is the Black Lives Matter movement. While it’s disheartening that we are in the year

BLM Peaceful Protest

Report Finds that 93% of Black Lives Matter Protests Have Remained Peaceful

There has been ample video footage in the media lately of protests gone awry; protesters clashing with police or counter-protesters. Images of cities burning and

Kenosha Police Protests

Protests Erupt; Shooting of Black Man in Kenosha, WI, Sparks Outrage

Protests erupted overnight in Kenosha Wisconsin over the shooting of a Black man by police officers. The man, identified by Governor Tony Evers as Jacob


Black Lives Matter- Why Haven’t We Been Listening?

Since the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has garnered more attention than it has in a while. Frankly, it’s sad to think that we


How Donald Trump Can Get Back His Law-And-Order Mojo

I have argued in a previous Celeb piece that President Trump has been curiously absent during the unrest and riots that have devastated the streets