Breonna Taylor

Louisville Boards up, Bracing for Unrest As Decision on Breonna Taylor Case to be Announced

It’s been seven months since police officers shot into an apartment, killing who they thought was a suspect taking shots at them with a rifle.

Black lives matter where is the money going?

Black Lives Matter – CELEB Investigates Just Where Your Donations Are Going

Inarguably one of the biggest movements garnering attention in 2020 is the Black Lives Matter movement. While it’s disheartening that we are in the year

BLM Peaceful Protest

Report Finds that 93% of Black Lives Matter Protests Have Remained Peaceful

There has been ample video footage in the media lately of protests gone awry; protesters clashing with police or counter-protesters. Images of cities burning and

Kenosha Police Protests

Protests Erupt; Shooting of Black Man in Kenosha, WI, Sparks Outrage

Protests erupted overnight in Kenosha Wisconsin over the shooting of a Black man by police officers. The man, identified by Governor Tony Evers as Jacob


Black Lives Matter- Why Haven’t We Been Listening?

Since the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has garnered more attention than it has in a while. Frankly, it’s sad to think that we


How Donald Trump Can Get Back His Law-And-Order Mojo

I have argued in a previous Celeb piece that President Trump has been curiously absent during the unrest and riots that have devastated the streets

Cancel culture and Bill Cosby

Cancel Culture – What It Means And Why It Could Be Doing The Strive For Racial Equality More Harm Than Good

Cancel Culture is not a new term. The term has been used for some time now, with people like Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson being


Elijah McClain Death Investigation Re-Opened—Will Colorado Cops Finally Face Justice?

Jared Polis announced today that the Elijah McClain death investigation is being re-opened by Attorney General Phil Weiser. The Governor’s edict was likely forced by


Dear White People—Let’s Focus on WHY Not WHAT BLM Protestors are Rioting & Looting

Scrolling through social media, I’ve seen post after post from (majority white, but also some affluent black) people talking about what BLM rioters and looters


From Arbery To Floyd: How Progressives Saved The 2nd Amendment

A May article in The Christian Science Monitor takes great pains to explain why the February 23 killing of Amhaud Arbery by two gun-toting Georgia