Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Falls Silent: Is This A Sign of Things to Come?

One of the world’s party centers, the Greek island of Mykonos, has gone silent. In the face of growing COVID case numbers, the government has

South Korea K Pop

No More BTS in Gyms? S Korea Bans Fast-Paced Music Workouts

No more sweating! That’s probably the worst gym slogan you can imagine, but it’s what South Korean officials want gyms across the country to embrace.

HELIIX CLEAR vaccine travel

Post-COVID Tech Paves the Way for Safe Travel and Social Gatherings

Ever since the announcement came that vaccines would be rolled out to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the question has been on everyone’s mind: What comes

immunity bubble

Ready for a ‘Vaxication?’ Immunity Bubble Vacations Provide Safe Way for Vaccinated People to Gather With Friends

It’s been a trying year for everyone, but especially those who live far from family or friends. Or for people with wanderlust in their hearts.

LA County restaurants reopen

Hard-Hit LA Restaurants Breathe Again as County Reopens!

Some of the hardest-hit industries in Los Angeles are breathing a sigh of relief this week. After California hit its vaccination goal, businesses like gyms,

Grammy Postoned

2021 Grammys Postponed Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Concerns

Pandemic-related disruptions are not a thing of the past. Although everyone hoped that 2020 would see an end to entertainment industry pandemic delays and cancellations,

Vaccine App

New Apps May Serve as COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

After 10 months of waiting and hoping desperately, a vaccination for the COVID-19 pandemic has arrived. Several vaccinations, actually. But large problems remain between people

Hoiday Travel

Traveling for Christmas? Here Are the Travel Restrictions in Each State

If you’re looking to hit the road for the holidays in 2020, you should be aware that some states have enacted restrictions that may put

Scott Peterson EDD

Scams Resulted in COVID-19 Jobless Benefits Being Sent to Scott Peterson and Other Death Row Inmates

Scott Peterson has been out of work for a long time. That’s because he’s been on death row in California after being convicted of the

Pandemic Fashion

How The Pandemic Has Changed How We Live In Fashion

How will fashion survive during the pandemic? Can a livestream catwalk capture the theatrical frame and movement of clothing? Can it inspire a crowd the