Donald Trump Tweet

Biden Preps for Transition While Trump Retweets Weird Randy Quaid Video

The difference between 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump is stark and highlighted in the way the two men are choosing to spend

Joe Biden President

Joe Biden to Become Next President As US Celebrates First Female VP

The most contentious election cycle in modern history is drawing to a stunning conclusion, after a nearly week-long vote counting marathon. As voters watching anxiously,

Donald Trump

Trump Campaign Files Election Lawsuits in 3 States, Alleging Lack of Transparency in Vote Counting

In the most 2020 twist ever, the 2020 Election has turned into a uniquely challenging multi-day event. Although few anticipated a clear result on Election

Presidential Debate

Donald Trump and Joe Biden Face Off in Final Debate of 2020

Heading into the final presidential debate of the 2020 Election, both incumbent President Donald J Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have a lot

Donald Trump 60 Minutes

The Real Reason Trump Bailed Early on 60 Minutes Interview

With just 13 days to go before Election Day, both incumbent President Donald J Trump and opponent former Vice President Joe Biden are hard at

White House

White House Wants to Let Virus Spread Unchecked; ‘Let People Die’ Strategy

The White House has recently revealed it’s strategy to handle the coronavirus epidemic; let it rip. Embracing a “herd immunity” approach, the White House hopes

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

Dueling Town Halls: Donald Trump and Joe Biden Battle for America’s Attention

With just 18 nail-biting days left until Election Day, candidates for president incumbent Donald J Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are in a

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi Talks 25th Amendment: Congress Must Lay Out a Path to Determine a President’s Fitness for Office

Ever since President Donald J Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, talk in Washington has been laser-focused on his health. This week, erratic behavior in public

Trump and Biden Virtual Debate

Second Presidential Debate Switched to Virtual Format; Trump Refuses to Participate

It’s been less than a week since President Donald J Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, along with First Lady Melania Trump and over 30 of

Corey Lewandowski

Donald Trump’s Advisor Seen Out and About Despite Promising to Quarantine After COVID Exposure

It seems impossible that the White House could get any more bad news about COVID-19 after President Donald J Trump himself was diagnosed. However, Trump