Monique Munoz

Teen Who Killed Monique Munoz in West LA Lambo Crash Gets 9 Months

The internet has exploded with the news that Brendan Khuri has received his sentence in the high-speed crash that killed 32-year-old Monique Munoz. Since the

Monique Munoz teen killed

UPDATE: Teen Driver Who Killed Monique Munoz Booked, Father Arrested

After weeks of public outcry and speculation, charges have been filed against the teen driver who killed 32-year-old Monique Munoz. Once the teen driver of

James Khuri Victoria Lane

A Romantic Getaway? 2021’s New Couple Raises Eyebrows

People find love in the strangest places. Sometimes, couples wind up together who you would never in a million years expect. Sometimes, the couples just