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Jenelle Evans Releases Abusive Phone Call by David Eason, to Make Him Seem Innocent?!

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans has released another video in her bid on YouTube to explain the CPS case against herself and husband David Eason.

Jenelle Evans Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Ironically Has Advice for Kailyn Lowry on Co-Parenting

It’s no secret that there have been tensions between Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry over the years. At times, they’ve been able


‘He’s Going To Shoot Us’- How Jenelle Evans Got Fired From Teen Mom 2 Finally Revealed

Monday evening, former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans released the first episode of her new YouTube series I Have Something To Say. While Evans’s husband, David Eason, addressed murdering their

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Jenelle Evans Dog Murder – Teen Mom Exposes Truth On CPS Investigation

UPDATE: Since our original post, a shocking new bit of information has been alleged on Twitter involving Jenelle’s Mom, MTV, and CPS. This update is

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Jenelle Evans LASHES Out At Mackenzie McKee For NOT Calling Her Mean!

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans is no stranger to drama with her former Teen Mom co-stars. While the women on the show have definitely

Jenelle Evans makeup kit

Jenelle Evans Proven To Be Selling Makeup Kits With Mold!?

Fans and followers of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans likely remember that she tried to come up with a makeup brow kit called JE Cosmetics towards


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Reaches Out To Tiger King Star For Private Tour

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was let go from the show last year. Since then, she has had a lot of drama going


David Eason Rushed To Hospital As Jenelle Evans Hit With $46K Tax Lien

Things have been mighty hectic for former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans as of late. Last week, it was revealed that Jenelle was (yet again)


“Moving On!” Jenelle Evans Officially Leaving David Eason After He’s Arrested For Assault

Over the past week, fans have been speculating what’s going on with Jenelle Evans and David Eason. Fans noticed that Jenelle was posting some quotes that had them