Mr. Beast

MrBeast and MSCHF Offer $35 Real Lamborghinis ‘Everyone Gets a Car!’

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a real Lamborghini, but your budget looks more like, “1/64th dye-cast model,” have we got the story for you.

Monique Munoz

Teen Who Killed Monique Munoz in West LA Lambo Crash Gets 9 Months

The internet has exploded with the news that Brendan Khuri has received his sentence in the high-speed crash that killed 32-year-old Monique Munoz. Since the


Kavinsky Returns After Nearly a Decade by Announcing a New Single

It’s been nearly a decade, but beloved synthwave artist Kavinsky is back. Kavinsky, whose real name is Vincent Belorgey, just announced a new single after

Lamborghini Countach

It’s Confirmed: Lamborghini is Bringing Back the Countach in 2021

The car that launched a thousand love affairs with supercars is back. Lamborghini has confirmed the return of none other than the Countach, one of