Richie Rich CELEB HQ

Richie Rich Ep.3: ‘CELEB HQ’ Explores the Building of a Media Brand

In the newest episode of Richie Rich, Nik Richie takes viewers behind the scenes at CELEB HQ to see how one builds a media brand.

Nik Richie Alesso

Richie Rides: Nik Richie and Alesso Talk Achievement

Richie Rides is an extraordinary chance to meet the people behind the success. Nik Richie rides along with successful friends as they talk about how

Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast: Nik Richie Reveals All

Gone are the days of Nik Richie running The Dirty and fending off the offended. But Richie has been anything but idle over the years.

Richie Rides

Richie Rides: Episode 1 Recap with Ted Dhanik “Discipline”

Richie Rides is the newest video series from CELEB and Nik Richie. Each episode takes you on a ride with a successful entrepreneur/celebrity. Episode 1

Richie Rich Nik Richie

‘Richie Rich’ with Nik Richie; a Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Sometimes people look at life and see only what’s in front of them. Consumed by the daily grind, we often miss the beauty of life

Miley Cyrus Resorts World

Miley Cyrus ‘Parties in the USA’ at Resorts World’s Blowout Celebration

Resorts World has been unfurling like the petals of a rose, opening its doors first on June 24. Now another bud blossoms, revealing Ayu Dayclub.

Miley Cyrus Resorts World

It’ll Be A ‘Party in Vegas,’ Miley Cyrus Headlines Resorts World Grand Opening

You can almost hear the fanfare of trumpets as the opening date for Resorts World in Las Vegas approaches. Day by day, the mammoth Las

Nik Richie

Nik Richie Has Risen, But This Time He Won’t Be God

I don’t talk s–t, I just talk normal vocabulary,” says Nik Richie, CEO of CELEB and one of the godfathers of gossip-driven digital media, on

Nik Richie CELEB app

CELEB Launches App to Transform Digital Media Landscape

CELEB Magazine hit the ground running hard in 2020, but this week launched into the stratosphere, almost literally. CEO and founder Nik Richie blazed his


The New Adventure: Welcome to CELEB, Welcome to 2020

As I sit here in quarantine, I am alone with my thoughts. My mind is humble now, but it still understands stupidity. Everything I read