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  • ‘Deep Water’ Review: Drowning in Morality and Marriage

    ‘Deep Water’ Review: Drowning in Morality and Marriage

    Deep Water has been the subject of some deep conversations in the inner friend circle. The movie stars Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck as Melinda and Vic, a married couple with stupid good looks to match their hefty bank account.
    By Toni Gonzales
  • // Betty Moon TRANSLUCENT cover x

    Betty Moon’s Translucent Is The Quarantine Remedy

    Betty Moon has always been an innovative artist that I have enjoyed listening to. When I heard that she was releasing a new EP entitled
    By Matt Richards
  • Zayn Malik One Direction

    Zayn Malik Announces New Song ‘Better’ — Here’s What We Know About His Third Album

    Zayn Malik's announced his new song 'Better' is coming out soon. Here's everything we know about his upcoming third studio album and new music!
    By Lillie Gissen
  • //Olivia Henry Beautiful

    Olivia Henry More than just a Beautiful Face

    Olivia Henry just released Beautiful as a music video. As the video begins, her magnetic voice commands your attention to immediately listen, drawing you in
    By CELEB Magazine
  • Candace Owens

    Candace Owens Blackout Review: Book Evokes Deep Thoughts And Questions

    Our review of Candace Owens's new book, Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape From The Democrat Plantation
    By Matt Richards
  • //Rocket Losing Breath

    Losing Breath Takes You Back To An Era Of Music We Miss

    Alternative rock has always been one of our favorite genres of music. It can offer listeners loud, rock-out jams, as well as some slower, more
    By CELEB Magazine
  • Desmond Myers

    Desmond Myers- Playing With Fire Review

    We were first introduced to Desmond Myers from Spotify’s Discover weekly. As soon as we heard "Playing With Fire", we knew we had to give a review.
    By CELEB Magazine
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