Latest SPACE News and Updates

  • Tourism

    Fly to Space, Save the Planet? Ecotourism Meets Space Tourism

    If you see the Earth from Space, will you return with a renewed fervor for saving the planet? That's what World View hopes will happen.
    By Ivy Griffith
  • William Shatner

    Shatner Goes to Space as Musk Snipes at Bezos; Which Star is Next?

    This week in space: William Shatner. Meanwhile on earth, Elon Musk takes a swipe at Jeff Bezos and other stars eye the heavens.
    By Ivy Griffith
  • Space Dragon Musk UFO

    What on Earth is Happening in Space?!

    Space is busy on a slow day, but today it seems like there's a tidal wave of space news touching Earth - so WTH is happening out there?
    By Ivy Griffith
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