Costa Rica vacation homes

A Look Inside Costa Rica’s Most Luxurious New Vacation Homes

Eco-tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing travel niches. With eco-conscious travelers choosing locations where their tourism will do the best perceived good, an

HELIIX CLEAR vaccine travel

Post-COVID Tech Paves the Way for Safe Travel and Social Gatherings

Ever since the announcement came that vaccines would be rolled out to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the question has been on everyone’s mind: What comes

immunity bubble

Ready for a ‘Vaxication?’ Immunity Bubble Vacations Provide Safe Way for Vaccinated People to Gather With Friends

It’s been a trying year for everyone, but especially those who live far from family or friends. Or for people with wanderlust in their hearts.

TUMI McLaren

TUMI and McLaren Team Up to Launch Premium Capsule Luggage Line

Every now and then, an unlikely pairing in the business world produces sheer brilliance. This is the case as luggage brand TUMI and luxury race

Super 8 by Wyndham

Oliver Hudson Makes An Awesome Bobblehead, Reminds Roadtrippers to #JourneySafe

As we cross the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is reopening and far more people are scheduling vacations and road trips. In response

Hakkasan Group Muscat

Exclusive: Hakkasan Group Makes Moves in Muscat

Superb souks and seafood, turquoise waters and vast cocoa mountaintops and the grandiose architecture of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque are just a few of


Quarantine Fly Away: Go Today to Turks and Caicos The celebrity enclave with private inlets galore is open for business as of July 22

Ever dreamed of going on an aquatic pony ride with Kendall Jenner or sipping a cocktail on a white sand beach with Victoria Beckham? Those


Bordeaux Fo Sho

What’s not to love about the South of France? When most people think about the South of France, they are immediately taken to St. Tropez,


The Search for Vibes

The worst thing about a pandemic isn’t grocery store sushi. It isn’t the quasi-acceptable home gym situation. It isn’t even the existential crisis one must


Qatar Airways Debuts Interesting New Look

As you probably know by now, the hottest summer must-have isn’t a pair of chic Versace shades or the newest Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini. This