Tamra Judge Breaks Silence After Andy Cohen’s Comments About Her Amidst RHOC Exit

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge completely took the Housewives world by storm with a bombshell announcement this past weekend. Specifically, on Saturday, Tamra

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge completely took the Housewives world by storm with a bombshell announcement this past weekend. Specifically, on Saturday, Tamra shared that she was leaving the show after being a part of the show for 12 seasons. Many were left completely stunned, as Tamra was not only around for so long, but also always known to be one of the main focal points of any season. Soon after, Andy Cohen spoke out about her departure on Andy Cohen radio. After his comments, we caught up exclusively with Tamra to get her reaction to this. So what did Andy say? What did she have to share with us?

Before delving into what Andy said, let’s first take a look at what Tamra had to say when she made the shocking announcement she was done with the show.

“It’s been a wild 12 years,” Tamra took to social media to share. “But it’s time for me to move on. I’m sad to go but very excited about my future. Love ❤️ you guys ✌ .”

Longtime friend- and fellow costar, who also announced her departure this year- Vicki Gunvalson commented, “We have shared so many great and not so great times together and it has been the ride of our lives. Thelma and Louise… now, where do you want to go?!”

Tamra spoke exclusively to People Magazine about her departure.

“It’s been a wild ride, and after all these years, I’m looking forward to life away from the cameras,” Tamra shared with them. “I was offered a chance to come back to the show in a limited role, but would prefer to walk away on my own terms.”

“Eddie and the kids are very excited,” she added. “I want to thank all the fans who have offered me their support over the years. It’s meant a lot.”

Interestingly, a source also told People that Tamra “was asked back for three episodes, so producers could close out her storyline.”

But what did Andy say about her? 

Andy called in to his radio show Andy Cohen Live soon after the announcement, as he was ill, to talk about Tamra leaving. Obviously, this was a huge piece of news, as many were not expecting it.

“It was a big weekend in the Housewives world,” Andy began with sharing. “It was very dramatic.”

When being filled in that Tamra had unfollowed Andy, he said, “Now this I didn’t know. She unfollowed all of us on social media?”

Andy then directly addressed the question of “was Tamra fired?”

To this, he shared, “Let me find the words… she told People Magazine that we had offered her three episodes to come back and kind of wrap out her story. That is true. And she didn’t want to do that.”

“Listen,” Andy continued, “she’s been on the show for 12 years. We wanted to give her a send-off. She has been an incredible housewife. She really has. She’s been dramatic, she’s beautiful- she has been great. And we have been wanting to kind of… shake it up a little bit for a few years.”

Andy also added that “I’m hoping- and this is not lip service- that she will come back in some form, either in this season or in the next couple- because I just think she’s someone that I’m always interested in, I always want to check in with her on… it’s a process.”

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So what did Tamra have to share with us exclusively in response to what Andy said?

Tamra exclusively responded to his comments, sharing with us that, “I love Andy! I will always have a close friendship with him.”

“I enjoyed my 12 years on Bravo but I knew it was coming to an end,” she continued. “I’m not mad about Bravo’s decision but I am sad to lose a family that I love so dearly.”

Tamra went on to add that, “I need to process it the only way I know how… Out of sight, out of mind!”

And, fans need fear not, as Tamra shared that, “I’m going to absolutely be okay. I have a wonderful family and created two lucrative businesses, Vena CBD www.venacbd.com and CUT Fitness www.cutfitoc.com.

Tamra wrapped with noting that, “I keep reminding myself- ‘don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,’ which is a quote from Dr. Seuss. Thanks to all my fans for all the love and support you’ve given to me these 12 years, and I look forward to you continuing to follow my journey.”