Tamra Judge- Lydia McLaughlin’s A Fame-Hungry Hypocrite

Recently, Bravo revealed that Real Housewives of Orange County alum Lydia McLaughlin– who appeared on seasons 8 and 12 of

Recently, Bravo revealed that Real Housewives of Orange County alum Lydia McLaughlin– who appeared on seasons 8 and 12 of the show- was going to be starring in a new web series on the network.

In the midst of this announcement, McLaughlin also gave an exclusive interview to Bravo about The Real Housewives of Orange County. In the interview, she went after Tamra Judge, who left the show after last season, for seemingly no reason. Now, Judge has responded- and she did NOT hold back. 

‘Move On Tamra’

When Bravo asked McLaughlin about Judge leaving (as well as Vicki Gunvlason, the “OG of the OC” who also left the series after last season), McLaughlin stated that “I felt like it was a long time coming, honestly. I think it’s a good switch-up. I’m excited to see what the cast does.” 

While this comment did not have anything dramatic, it was her next comment that brought the drama. 

“I love Vicki,” McLaughlin continued, “and I ran into her a couple times, and I think it’s good for her. I think she’s ready to leave. She has a successful relationship, she has an engagement. She has a daughter, she’s a grandmother. I think that she has a lot going on.”

McLaughlin then went in on Judge, stating that “I do know that Tamra…she’s not letting it go. She’s still talking about it. I just feel bad for her, it’s kind of like, OK, you need to move on and do something else.”

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson from RHOC

“She’s talking about the next season,” McLaughlin added, “and I think it’s a little…it sounds pathetic.” 

McLaughlin also went on to share that “Shannon [Beador] and Tamra both have blocked me, so I don’t know what’s going on in their lives. I don’t know, maybe they’ve unblocked me now. I haven’t checked lately.”  

The last comment is particularly bizarre, as McLaughlin claims she doesn’t know what’s going on Judge’s life yet felt the need to go after her in the interview. 

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Tamra Hits Back – She’s A Hypocrite!

Never one to hold back, Judge took to her public Facebook page to respond to McLaughlin’s comments about her in a post that has since been deleted.

“Please Don’t feel sorry for me sweet Christian girl I’m doing just fine,” Judge began with sharing. “I have two companies, a real estate license, 4 kids, an amazing husband and a new TV show in the works (not an online series that I had to pay for myself).”

Tamra Judge with husband Eddie

Yes, you read that right- Judge asserted that McLaughlin’s new series Glitter Town is one that McLaughlin paid for herself. More specifically, Bravo- who is airing the online series- did NOT fund the production for it as they normally would for one of their shows they air. 

“I watched one of your episodes, the one where you talk about empowering women and lifting them up,” Judge continued, adding an eyeball emoji. “Great Episode, Hypocrite!”

Judge still had more to add, stating that “I truly wish you all the luck in the world and that you become extreme[ly] famous like you’ve always desired! Let it go……”

Judge also reaffirmed news that had been divulged earlier in the year- namely that Bravo had offered her a limited role to “wrap up her storyline” but she declined it.

“After I chose NOT to take a limited roll and to be home full time with my kids to deal with some devastating health issues we are facing as a family, how dare you judge me!” Judge elaborated. “After 12 years on Bravo of course I get asked to do interviews, podcasts, radio shows almost daily. Clearly they asked me about my time on housewives, what’s next for me and my family and my businesses, sorry that bothers you.What’s truly pathetic is your judgment & lies!”

“It’s funny, the people that know you the least always have the most to say,” Judge wrapped with saying. “If anyone needs to move on it’s you!”

Here is a copy of the original post:

Tamra Judge RHOC Departure Lydia McLaughlin Feud

After Judge posted initially, she went back to add a tongue-in-cheek statement. 

“Here’s your 15 mins of fame…. enjoy!” Judge added, also noting that “Btw Vicki [don’t] love you” with a crying emoji. 

Not Relevant

We reached out to Judge who exclusively shared with us that “Vicki doesn’t even have a relationship with Lydia. Lydia texted Vicki asking her to promote her show and Vicki ignored her.”

Tamra Judge

“Lydia is of no relevance to Vicki or myself,” Judge continued “and the only reason she’s even dropping our names is because she knows we are still getting a lot of attention and she’s hoping by trying to drop our names- and get in some drama with me- it will bring her more attention.”

“Here you go sweetie,” Judge wrapped with saying. “Best of luck and I hope this helps.”

Tamra Says Farewell To A Wild Twelve Years

As aforementioned, Judge’s departure from The Real Housewives of Orange County– which she announced back in January shocked fans, as Judge had been a longtime staple of the show since season three. 

“It’s been a wild 12 years,” Judge shared on Instagram at the time. “But it’s time for me to move on. Im sad to go but very excited about my future . Love ❤️ you guys ✌ .”

Here is a copy of that post: 

Tamra Judge RHOC Lydia McLaughlin Feud

Whether on the show or not, one thing remains true with Judge- she is not one to hold back, especially if you come for her unsolicited. Frankly, this is why the show still needs her, but seeing as that has not changed, we will continue to follow her on social media and her new TV show when that comes out.

As Judge mentioned, she is keeping busy with multiple businesses including VENA CBD and CUT Fitness. 

Check out VENA CBD here and CUT Fitness here.


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