Are Noah Cyrus And Tana Mongeau Dating? Here’s What We Know About Their Relationship

Are Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus dating? That seems to be the question on everyone’s minds after the YouTube star

Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus

Are Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus dating? That seems to be the question on everyone’s minds after the YouTube star referred to the singer as her “girlfriend” on Instagram. Yep, Mongeau shared a snap of her cozying up to Cyrus on September 27, 2020, just hours after they were spotted grabbing dinner together, and her caption has really caught fans’ attention.

“I mean ofc I had to take a break from Instagram until she was my girlfriend again,” the blonde beauty wrote

Say what?! So are these two officially in a relationship or was the social media star just joking around? Did they date in the past? And what exactly happened between them? Not to worry, people, we broke down their entire romance from start to finish for you. Here’s what you need to know…

Let’s Take A Look Inside Their Date Night

Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus at BOA

The two stars were photographed heading to BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles, CA, just hours before Mongeau posted the steamy shot, and get this — they even held hands as they entered the restaurant! After that, they seemingly headed back to the influencer’s house, and luckily for us, they documented their entire hangout session on their Instagram Stories. They both shared videos with each other all night long, and some even showed them getting pretty cozy. 

To fuel speculation even more, the “Make Me Cry” songstress revealed via Instagram one day later that Mongeau had given her a giant teddy bear and flowers! How romantic is that?! So are they dating? Well, it’s still unclear what exactly is going on between them, but it definitely seems like things are heating up.

They Were Linked In The Past

This isn’t the first time they sparked dating rumors. Back in September 2019, fans were left wondering if something was going on between them after they packed on the PDA in a series of social media posts. At the time, Mongeau was dating Jake Paul, but he confirmed that their relationship was open, and that he was totally down with her and Cyrus getting together!

“I think Noah’s wanting to hook up with Tana. Noah and Tana are, like, wanting to hook up and I think Noah’s the one pushing that narrative, which I think is dope,” he told Entertainment Tonight, when asked if he’d cool with them hooking up. He added, “Yeah, especially if I could be there.”

In the months that followed, the two stars continued to hang out nonstop, and Mongeau even called Cyrus her “girlfriend” in a YouTube video. But the singer insisted nothing was going on between them.

“Guys. We are friends,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “Relax.”

Then, in December 2019, Mongeau set the record straight once and for all about what was going on between them.

“To be real, I think that I might have started the girlfriend stuff with some YouTube title,” she revealed. “I just love being around Noah. There’s something about her, even before I knew her, that has always inspired me. She’s so real, she’s so raw. The way she turns her emotions into art and cares about mental health and was born into this life, but turns it into something beautiful, is so inspiring to me. And I love to kick it with her. There is no tea. Like, that is the tea on that. I literally just like to spend time with her and care about her. Everything else just kind of makes it a mess.”

They Have So Much Love For Each Other

When Miley Cyrus‘ little sister celebrated her birthday on January 8, 2020, Mongeau shared a touching tribute for her.

“Happy birthday Noie. I’m late, f**king everything up per usual, but I love you,” she wrote. “I’m happy you walked into my life in 2019. I can’t believe you’re finally 21. 2020 isn’t ready for you to light up every room you walk into. Thank you for loving me always, you ray of F**KING SUNSHINE.”

Who Else Has Mongeau Dated?

Tana Mongeau

The social media star’s relationship with Paul got a lot of attention online. They are two of the biggest stars on the internet, so when they confirmed that they were dating in April 2019, fans were pretty excited about it. They quickly became couple goals — constantly sharing cute pictures together, appearing in each other’s videos and documenting their entire relationship online. They got engaged in July 2019 and married a few weeks later, and their wedding was all anyone could talk about!

But when reports emerged that they weren’t legally married, people started to wonder if their relationship was real or if they were faking it for views. But the influencers quickly shut those rumors down via Twitter.

“I understand people’s doubt,” Mongeau wrote. “I just guess I wish people understood what it feels like to be in my shoes. Call our marriage whatever you want, but I do love Jake and maybe I’m an idiot for it and maybe all of my dumb mistakes are being aired as they happen in real life and that sucks.. I know once again I signed up for all of this… I guess i’m just tired and don’t want y’all to think I’m ignoring what I see everywhere.”

But on January 2, 2020, the star revealed that they were taking a break.

“OK, I don’t really know how to do a ‘we’re taking a break’ post and this is weird as f**k… I’m happy to still be able to sit with Jake and laugh as we do this — but for right now we both are taking a break to focus on our own very crazy lives,” she shared on Instagram. “I’ll never know what the future holds and iI will always love Jake and everything we did. I’m grateful to know throughout this I’ve made a best friend for life and found someone to do life with when no one understood me. Here’s to 2020, working on us, and my new Lamborghini since I get half of everything! No need for crazy speculations — this is coming from a place of nothing but love. I love you, Jakey, thank you for this past year.” 

Over the years, the MTV star was also linked to Francesca Farago, Mod Sun, Hunter Moreno, Brad Sousa,Bella Thorne, FaZe Banks, Kian Lawley, Mac Miller and Somer Hollingsworth.

Who Else Has Cyrus Dated?

Noah Cyrus

As for Cyrus, she dated Smokerpurpp, Machine Gun Kelly, Diablo, Lil Xan and Tanner Drayton. Her most famous relationship was probably with Xan, and it may go down as one of the messiest breakups of all time. For those who forgot, they started dating in 2018, after the rapper messaged her on social media.

“We started hanging out and we had just such good chemistry,” he previously shared while chatting with Access. “I was definitely intimidated – I just went for it.”

They broke up after only one month together, and after they split, the two stars both started to shade each other online. And get this — they even accused each other of cheating.

“I feel like I’m probably being cheated on,” Xan wrote on his Instagram Stories at the time. “I broke up with her because she was all over another dude.”

Cyrus fired back, “The truth is I haven’t seen him in almost a week. Every time we tried to hang out something always got in the way. I then saw a picture of a girl on a court on his story at 2 A.M. When I FaceTimed him later on, I noticed a hickey. He told me it was just a bruise. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and ignored it. Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and now I’m being forced to deal with crazy accusations when I’m not even sure where all this came from.”

The 24-year-old even alleged that their entire relationship was fake. Yikes.

“Shout out to Columbia Records too, for setting up that fake relationship,” he wrote in another Instagram Stories post. “I didn’t want to do it, to be completely honest — it was just added work to my schedule, you know what I mean?”

Cyrus shut these rumors down, adding in a post of her own, “If it was fake, why would I be asking you to come over to hang out. Why would you be saying good morning, baby, and why would my name be Noey [heart eyes] in your phone? In what world can I not ask my boyfriend to promote the song we have together?”

Despite all the drama, things seem to be all good between them now because they were spotted hanging out in April 2020.