Reliable Tips From Tao Group Hospitality To Survive Las Vegas As A First Timer

Immersing yourself into Las Vegas for the first time is borderline euphoric but we’d be lying if we said that

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Immersing yourself into Las Vegas for the first time is borderline euphoric but we’d be lying if we said that it wasn’t a bit overwhelming. Las Vegas, a.k.a. the world’s entertainment capital, has an infinite amount of experiences to engage in so, where does a first-time guest even begin?

Thanks to chefs, VIP hosts, the marketing team, and other members of Tao Group Hospitality, we have reliable tips and tricks that can be beneficial to know, especially if this is your first trip to the infamous Sin City.

Las Vegas But Make It An Organized List

  1. Drink water!

This can’t be the best weekend of your life if you’re not feeling your best. With that being said, stay hydrated! It’s so easy to get dehydrated while dancing and drinking, especially in the Vegas desert, so make sure you drink tons of water, consistently.

  1. Take advantage of Tao Group Hospitality’s Las Vegas Party Pass.

The Las Vegas club scene is a staple of the Sin City experience. The Las Vegas Party Pass grants unlimited access to all of Tao Group’s nightclubs and day clubs* in town for an entire weekend of parties and club hopping, all for one convenient price. This is the best way to experience Tao Group’s wide range of clubs, party atmospheres, and their all-star roster of DJs and performers. Party Pass holders feel like VIPs with expedited club entry at any time and exclusive room rates and offers at the most coveted hotels and resorts in town.

*Dayclubs are open seasonally from March to October and are not available with the Party Pass during the off-season.

  1. Make a table reservation at the club for a VIP experience. 

Partiers looking for the ultimate luxe experience can secure a private table at the club. Guests seated at a table enjoy VIP bottle service with extravagant presentations, often featuring sparklers, flags, dancers, and over-the-top props. At Marquee Nightclub, bottles can be brought to the table on a yacht prop that is carried through the crowd, and at OMNIA Nightclub, guests can have an aerialist glide down from the rafters to deliver bottles to VIP tables. UHM, cool?!

  1. Use a VIP host.

No clue where to go? No problem. Find a VIP host, who can help navigate you through the booking process and ensure you have the best service possible during your time in Vegas. A VIP host at Tao Group can get you VIP access to the hottest nightclubs and day clubs on the Strip, as well as assist with securing reservations at Tao Group restaurants. Visit Tao Group’s website to inquire about booking a table, and you will get connected with a VIP host, who will then guide you through the process of booking, where to go, and when to arrive.

  1. Get to the club early. 

We all hear about the lines outside of a Las Vegas club but who really believes it until they see it right? No matter your choice of a party pass or a table, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to arrive at the club early. According to Tao Group Hospitality, being ahead of the crowd will make the entrance easy, breezy, and beautiful. It will also eliminate the stress of lines and crowds when making your way to a table or finding a spot on the dance floor.

  1. Use Hakkasan’s secret valet at MGM Grand. 

Guests who have a reservation at Hakkasan Restaurant or VIP table reservations at Hakkasan Nightclub have access to Hakkasan’s very own private and complimentary valet. To locate the secret valet, guests will enter the main valet at MGM Grand, follow signs for thru traffic, and keep to the right. Just before the exits, guests should look for a sign with Hakkasan’s blue emblem which will lead them to the valet. Hakkasan’s valet entrance will bring guests feet from both the restaurant and the nightclub.

  1. Try the newly available Taste of Hakkasan menu.

The Taste of Hakkasan menu, which was originally only available to MGM Grand hotel guests, has just been made available to all guests at Hakkasan Restaurant. Taste of Hakkasan is a prix fixe menu of classic Hakkasan dishes that are a must-try. For only $58 a person, guests can enjoy a selection of Dim Sum, sides, and 2 main courses.  Available from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Wednesday – Sunday and all night on Monday and Tuesday, the Taste of Hakkasan menu serves as a perfect introduction to Hakkasan’s modern Cantonese cuisine menu.

  1. Eliminate travel hassle by exploring one property at a time.

There are many properties on The Strip that have a lot to offer for a full night out. First-timers should consider the location of the nightclubs, restaurants, and shows they are hoping to experience and see if they are located on the same property. If you plan to head to Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan, consider dining at Beauty & Essex, which is also conveniently located on the property. If you are dining at TAO Asian Bistro, check out TAO Nightclub, located right above the restaurant. Limiting a night out to one property will eliminate any stress of downtown traffic and corralling a large group from place to place.

  1. Looking for a unique experience? Check out LAVO’s Party Brunch. 

Vegas first-timers who want to keep the party going day and night can get the ultimate daytime party experience at LAVO Restaurant’s Party Brunch. On Saturdays from October to March, LAVO draws the curtains, cranks up the music, and transforms into party-central, all while serving over-the-top brunch items like three-pound lobster frittatas, giant bloody Mary’s, seafood platters, and more.