Taylor Selfridge Quit Teen Mom OG Before MTV Revealed They Were Firing Her

Yesterday evening on MTV, fans of Teen Mom OG were looking forward to watching a special on Cory Wharton. Specifically, the special was

Yesterday evening on MTV, fans of Teen Mom OG were looking forward to watching a special on Cory Wharton. Specifically, the special was going to focus on the birth of his new baby with girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. Fans were understandably confused, then, when an episode of Catfish aired during its scheduled time. What’s more, is that fans who DVR’d it found the episode still labeled as Teen Mom OG while an episode of Catfish aired.

Then, as often does in the Teen Mom universe, rumors started to fly that the special had been pulled due to Selfridge’s past racist tweets. As fans of the show are well aware of, Selfridge had already addressed these tweets in the past. Not only had she issued an apology for them, but she also addressed them on camera with Cheyenne Floyd (the mother of Cory’s first baby, Ryder, and a current star of Teen Mom OG).

So what happened?

Late last night, Taylor posted a statement to her Instagram story that read the following: “As you guys now already our special didn’t air tonight. I made the decision last week to not film the next season of teen mom OG with Cory for the benefit of myself and my daughter. I don’t believe the reality tv lifestyle benefits me any further at this point in my life.”

“With current events being what they are and reality tv being selective in who they apply rules to what is considered acceptable behavior,” she continued, “I do not have any further respect. Once again, I apologize for anyone I have hurt or offended in the past. I have addressed my mistakes many times on the network and I would like to move on and continue to be the best version of myself. My past does not define who I am today and I hope you guys can see the change. Please respect my decision to provide a normal, healthy life for my family.”

Then, this morning, MTV released a statement on their TeenMom_OG account saying, “We pulled #TeenMomOG At Home: Cory & Taylor’s Baby Special form the schedule & ended our relationship with Taylor Selfridge in light of her past racist statements on social media. We strongly condemn systemic racism and stand with those raising their voices against injustice.”

While one can applaud MTV’s stance on “condemning systemic racism,” it’s odd they wouldn’t have taken this stance when her tweets initially surfaced rather than now. We talked to an exclusive production source who dished on what exactly happened- and it’s not the picture that is being painted.

“Taylor informed MTV and production that she was not going to be taking part in Teen Mom OG going forward,” our source began with dishing. “She is not a main cast member of the show, but she films a lot and she wanted to be compensated accordingly.”

“Seeing as they wouldn’t pay her what she felt she was worth,” our insider continued sharing, “she told them she was no longer going to be filming the show. The stress of the show coupled with having a new baby and the ridiculous amounts of negativity on social media all was not worth it for her if she wasn’t being compensated correctly. She had informed them of this and the plans were still for her and Cory’s baby special to air.”

So what happened last night then?

Our source explained to us that, “Suddenly, out of nowhere, MTV decided to ‘pull the plug’ and claim that they were ‘severing ties’ with Taylor. They used her as a scapegoat in a time where the political climate is paying close attention to Black Lives Matter.”

“Think about it,” our insider elaborated. “Taylor had already issued a public apology for past tweets when they were brought up when she was first on Teen Mom OG and had confronted it head-on on the show with Cheyenne Floyd, whom Taylor also apologized to. If MTV was so upset about the tweets, wouldn’t they have ‘severed ties’ with her then? Sadly, they saw Taylor deciding to leave the show coupled with the current climate of what’s going on in the world as an opportunity to gain clout. They could care less about any of the stuff going on, but they wanted to ensure they were covering themselves and looking like the good guys.”

Our source added that “It’s really sad, as Taylor worked hard for them not only on The Challenge but also on Teen Mom OG. To note, Taylor is definitely NOT a racist and those close to her will vouch for that. Not to mention she has a bi-racial baby with a bi-racial baby Daddy and helps parent Ryder as well, who both Cheyenne and Cory have acknowledged Taylor is amazing too.”

“While Taylor is disgusted and feels used by MTV, she is moving forward in her life,” our insider wrapped with sharing. “She knows she has fans who care about her and she looks forward to future projects.”