Don’t Blame Me: Taylor Swift Midnights May Have Just Revealed This A-List Couple’s Secret Baby Name

When Taylor Swift Midnights dropped, it became abundantly clear that she was not coming to play. Gone is the lazy

When Taylor Swift Midnights dropped, it became abundantly clear that she was not coming to play.

Gone is the lazy summer days Swift of her teen years and here to stay is the TSwift who comes out swinging. In the new album, fans believe that she admits to dropping proof of infidelity to her enemy Scooter Braun’s now-ex-wife, and potentially taking a swing at Kanye West with whom she’s long had beef.

But aside from picking fights with professional rivals, Midnights may have dropped a huge easter egg that fans of one particular celebrity supercouple (close friends of Swift’s) are losing their minds over.

Taylor Swift Midnights Drops Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Secret Baby Name?!

Midnights is full of gems, but it’s the album’s fifth track that has everyone buzzing.

“You’re On Your Own, Kid” is a wistful, whispering song about small town young love.

During one point of the song, Swift croons,

“You’re on your own, kid
You always have been.

I see the great escape, so long Daisy Mae!
I picked the petals, he loves me not.”

Twitter users, upon hearing the potential easter egg, immediately took to social media with their theories.

One tweeted, “Do we think Daisy Mae is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 4th child?”

Another added, “Is Daisy May the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds fourth child?”

And one said, “I love coming to Twitter to confirm things like – yes other people also think Daisy May/Mae is the name of Blake Lively’s baby.”

Swift has a history of dropping the names of Lively and Reynolds’ kids in her previous albums. Their older three children, James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, were featured in her 2020 album, Folklore, on the track titled “Betty.”

So there’s some compelling reasons to think that she may be dropping the happy couple’s secret baby name.

Thus far, neither Swift nor the duo of Lively/Reynolds have confirmed the connection. But they also haven’t denied it!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Announce Baby #4

The announcement for baby #4 from Lively and Reynolds came back in September.

First, Lively appeared looking possibly pregnant at the 10th annual Forbes Power Women’s Summitt in NYC, and it unleashed a firestorm of speculation and paparazzi obsession.

Eventually, fed up with all of the speculation and attention, Lively addressed the big question with a social media post.

Fatherly writes, “‘Here are photos of me pregnant in real life so the 11 guys waiting outside my home for a [unicorn] sighting will leave me alone,’ she wrote in the captions of the Instagram post. ‘You freak me and my kids out.’

Blake continued, thanking ‘everyone else for all the love and respect and for continuing to unfollow accounts and publications who share photos of children.’

‘You have all the power against them,’ she concluded. ‘And thank you to the media who have a ‘No Kids Policy.’ You all make all the difference.'”

It was a sobering moment for the media who hounds celebrity couples all hours of the day hoping for the money shot, and a good reminder that children deserve privacy because they didn’t ask for famous parents.

Lively in the past has begged media to leave her children alone, and it seemed that everyone needed a reminder.

Since then, Reynolds has diverted attention away from the pregnancy announcement by coming out with his own announcement – the impending arrival of “Deadpool 2.”

The new movie will mark the first time the current MCU phases have crossed over directly with X-Men, because Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will also feature in the film.

That’s two babies to look forward to: Daisy Mae(?) and Logan.