Taylor Swift and SZA’s Feud Enters New Phase After Swifties Get the Smackdown

The internet is confused about whether or not Taylor Swift is beefing with SZA. After a little misunderstanding, T-Swift’s army

Taylor Swift SZA Feud

The internet is confused about whether or not Taylor Swift is beefing with SZA.

After a little misunderstanding, T-Swift’s army of fans, the Swifties, came for SZA with no holds barred.

SZA first denied the existence of any feud, but Swifties still kept coming for her.

Swift, ever the feudkiller, put it all to rest with a simple social media post.

But the beef among fans remains, with accusations of racism and chaos reigning.

Here’s a look at the beef between Taylor Swift and SZA, explained – and where things stand now.


The Feud Between Taylor Swift and SZA (Or Not)

It all started with a little good-natured jockey for the top Billboard spot between both artists.

SZA’s producer, Cody Jordan Fayne, posted an apparent reference to T-Swift when he congratulated SZA for taking the top spot.

On Instagram, Fayne wrote, “4 weeks is #1 is WILD. That other lady was really trynna block history but No Ma’am !”

He then added in another post, “Spent these last couple years finishing projects that’d I’d be sure to be proud of when I drop them. Art that properly represents how great me and the ppl that helped put it together are at what we do! So this year I’m moving freely w no fear of judgement, and not listening to anybody trying to tell me how to properly create a buzz. Idgaf about rules & etiquette. I’m putting out this trilogy just for ppl to take in and 4 it to hopefully affect their lives in a positive way. I appreciate all the messages since Cody of Naz pushing me to drop more ! It’s finally coming all this year !”

Swifties immediately came for him in the comments, one writing, “You said Taylor tryna block History. I mean what history?? Taylor’s first-week sale is 1.5 M. She’s selling over 100k for 11 straight weeks which is the most of any female artist did. I love SZA and Taylor love her too. It’s so sick you all being mean about Taylor. Don’t forget Taylor Swift is the best-selling female artist of the Century.”

The comments were soon flooded with Swifties defending their queen, and Fayne quickly clarified, “Lol I don’t want the smoke. It was joke and I’m all about peace Swifties! I like Taylor & her music. We’re both from [the] same place!”

SZA fans immediately struck back, some accusing Swift of a long-held belief that her music lacks racial awareness.

One even came for SZA fans over the whole back-and-forth, writing, “When Taylor blocked Rihanna y’all all laughed and made jokes. When she blocked Drake y’all all laughed and made jokes. Now she’s trying to block Sza and y’all finally got something to say. It’s no fun when it’s YOUR fav now is it?”

Was There Ever a Taylor Swift / SZA Feud?

Taylor Swift Lays Smackdown on SZA Feud Rumor, Hoping to Slow Swifties Roll

But as it turns out, the whole feud may have been much ado about nothing.

Rolling Stone explained last week that on “Kill Bill,” “SZA sings about wanting to kill her ex, not Taylor Swift. Get it right, stans! SZA clarified that she and the Midnights singer aren’t fighting after stans conflated the two artists promoting their music with the two women fighting.

After thanking her fans for ‘copping’ digital versions of some of her SOS songs, SZA told her fans to stop coming for Swifties.

‘Uhh I feel silly that I even have to say this but I see supporters arguing and I hate that,’ SZA tweeted. ‘I don’t have beef w ANYONE especially not Taylor lmao.’

Complimenting Swift’s LP Midnights, SZA wrote, ‘I genuinely loved her album and the writing! Everyone’s jus tryna do their BEST as we all should. LOVE TO EVERYONE.’”

And this week after yet another few days of nasty back-and-forth online between Swifties and SZA stans, Swift finally took a stand.

On her Instagram stories, Taylor Swift acknowledged her new musical achievements, but added a note for SZA. The post contained a screenshot from Billboard‘s official account about “Anti-Hero”‘s eight weeks at No. 1. Swift captioned it, “What on Earth. I love you guys.”

She added, “PS – Been listening to @SZA’s album nonstop. Absolutely adore her music. So much love and respect for her!!”

So pay attention Swifties and SZA stans – there’s no beef. If there ever was, it’s happily in dreamland.

Time to put down the internet pitchforks and get back to what everyone enjoys the most: listening to their top artists create musical magic.

Swift herself laid the smackdown on the Swifties’ charge to battle – and it’s time to let the new phase of the feud reign: the phase where it’s over.