Here at CELEB we love discovering new music. Artist Teddi Gold recently released her new single Boom Boom. Being in “COVID” times as they call it, we are always excited to hear new music, as that is one of the few new things to look forward to. We especially appreciate music that makes our staff want to go to a dance party or start dancing. However, due to social distancing and being safe  we have to do that through Zoom instead of in-person.

Before getting into the song, it’s worth noting that we also appreciate artists who support positive, important causes. Quickly looking through Gold’s bio, we found that she clearly supports LGBTQ right sand Black Lives Matter, even linking to Go Fund Me’s that give money to these important causes. Seeing this gave us an even more positive view of her before hearing her song. Also, this specific song’s proceeds go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Gold is no stranger to discrimination and hate speech. When Tedi was six years old, her father opened about his sexuality. Bringing backlash from her conservative community. Her latest rallying cry for equality is credited to her father and his partner powerful relationship who have been together for 15 years.

As soon as“Boom Boom” came on, we were reminded of the nostalgic times of high school dances, or house parties immediately taking us to another time… you know, that time when you could be around other people, let loose, and have a good time. The song begins in a fun way, almost sounding like a video game turning on as you put it the game cartridge. This automatically takes you back to being a child and takes you on a journey as it allows you to get up and start moving and “Boom Boom” with Teddi. It starts with a head bop and takes over your entire existence.

“Come down if you wanna boom boom with me,” Gold sings over the infectious, thumping beat, giving Gwen Stefani-like vibes. As the song progresses, she mentions “good, good vibes” and, understandably, the world needs that right now. We also appreciated the celebration of all-types of people, as Gold croons “let your freak flag fly.”

Clearly, in 2020, we are going through a lot as a world. With a song like Boom Boom– a song the world needs at this exact moment- we can almost forget what’s going on for two minutes.

Make sure to check out the song below and check out her Instagram here @Teddigold 


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