Teen Mom 2- Jade Cline Pregnant With Baby #2?

In the Teen Mom 2 world, there are always rumors regarding who is pregnant and who is not. It seems

Jade Cline

In the Teen Mom 2 world, there are always rumors regarding who is pregnant and who is not. It seems there isn’t a week that goes by that someone on the show isn’t rumored to be expecting another baby. It does make sense why there are so many rumors regarding the women on the shows, though, as the shows are built around the fact that they were pregnant while young. Furthermore, there have been two pregnancies in the last nine months, so that only does more to fuel the rumors regarding the other women. 

Recently, Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline– who was brought on the series from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant to replace Jenelle Evans– has fallen victim to the rumor mill regarding being pregnant. While she already has one daughter, 2-year-old Kloie, chatter recently began that Cline had a bun in her oven and was expecting baby number 2. 

‘A Big Thing’ 

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Cline broke her silence on the recent rumors suggesting she is pregnant. 

Teen Mom Jade Cline

“No, I am not,” Cline immediately told Hollywood Life regarding being pregnant.

Cline also discussed the constant stream of pregnancy rumors revolving around the women on the show, stating that  “I feel like that’s a big thing in Teen Mom. Like everyone wants everyone to be pregnant. But no, I’m not.”

So could more children be something Cline wants in the future- or is she done with having just one that she shares with baby daddy Sean Austin

Jade Cline and her daughter

“I think I will have more kids,” Cline stated, “but I also think I want to wait until my daughter is older.”

As to why Cline wants to wait, she explained that “I feel like right now it’s time for me to work on myself and my career’s going awesome. I want to keep building my career.”

Cline has been working hard to establish herself in the beauty world, and recently graduated beauty school. As she explained to Hollywood Life, this has played into her decision to wait to have children. 

“I have so many plans for my future in the beauty industry,” Cline dished, “and I feel like having another kid would just be a lot on my plate.”

Teen Mom's Jade Cline is pregnant

“I really wouldn’t be able to focus all this time into working on another child so I think it would be best for me just to wait,” Cline added. 

Interestingly, Cline also reflected on her first pregnancy- and it seems she has some regrets. 

“I think I was too young definitely,” Cline stated. “I still think I’m too young to have other kids right now.”

A Baby On The Way

While Cline may not be pregnant, her co-star Chelsea Houska recently revealed that she is indeed pregnant with her fourth baby (and third with baby Daddy Cole DeBoer). Houska revealed this news after a few posts that had been speculating she was hiding her belly in photos and thus likely pregnant.

In a photo Houska shared to Instagram, she wrote out each of her family’s names on a piece of wood in the house she is currently building. At the bottom, she added “Baby” with a heart. Houska captioned the post “One more DeBoer! Coming early 2021.” 

After initially sharing the news that she was pregnant, Houska didn’t keep fans waiting long at all to see her baby bump. Houska also quickly revealed the gender of her next baby, revealing that it will be a girl. This will make Houska’s third daughter (and second with DeBoer). Houska also has a son that she shares with DeBoer. 

Baby Boy!

Aside from Houska’s baby news, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry also had baby news recently. On August 3rd, Lowry revealed that she had given birth to her fourth baby, Creed Romello. Prior to her announcing Creed’s birth- which occurred on July 30th- fans had speculated that Lowry had given brith and was holding off announcing it.

While Lowry had revealed the father of her fourth baby was Chris Lopez (who also fathered her third child, Lux Russell), there were a lot of rumors floating around after Lowry shared pictures of Creed that Lopez was not the father. In fact, many fans thought Javi Marroquin (who fathered Lowry’s second baby) may have been the father. 

Lowry recently addressed these rumors on her Coffee and Convos Podcast, stating that “There’s absolutely no truth to that. Javi and I have not been together in years. And, furthermore, I don’t know if people don’t realize that… the baby is only 1/4 Black and I don’t know. There was a huge possibility that the baby could come out white. And, um, if you put Lincoln next to Creed, Lincoln is also darker than Creed. So if that’s what they were getting at, I’m not really sure that they were on the right track. But maybe everyone should go back to high school and re-learn how to do a punnet square, because what they’re saying doesn’t even make sense.”

Lopez also broke his silence on the paternity of the baby, stating on an Instagram live that “Y’all are already talking about my damn child… his name at that. And then I see y’all saying that’s not my baby because he’s white. That’s a stupid a-s argument for one. Like, if y’all said that baby’s not his cause of something else, that’d be different. But y’all saying because he’s white. That’s some stupid s–t.” 

Who Is Next? 

In the Teen Mom world, the rumors regarding who is pregnant are not likely to stop anytime soon. Fans likely are wondering who is next. 

From a quick rundown…

  • Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout has said she may consider adoption, but as of today her and husband Taylor McKinney are not in the process of adopting a baby (nor is Bookout pregnant). 
  • Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell has been vocal that her and husband Tyler Baltierra want another baby, but at this time she is not currently pregnant. 
  • Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus has been a subject of pregnancy rumors as of late, but she has confirmed that at this point in time she is not pregnant. 
  • Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is currently dating Dimitri Garcia, but is not pregnant/nor have rumors circulated that she is. 
  • Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has recently claimed she may be done having kids, as she already has three, and is not pregnant. 
  • Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd was the subject of pregnancy rumors a few months back, but confirmed she was not pregnant. 

This is the latest “pregnancy” update at this time. While this could always change, we will be sure to keep you posted when it does. 


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